A Late Night, Chaste Skinny

Posted: July 19, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial

After Angel and I completed our little 5 day challenge of waking up early for (her) orgasms, we had a couple days off from doing that.  I think in a way Angel missed waking up like that, but at the same time she told me that it was good because she still kind of likes the spontaneity of it sometimes too, and felt like she was losing a little bit of that this past week.  It was a very busy weekend though, so neither of us were really too bummed about breaking our streak and skipping sex completely for Saturday.  Sunday was almost the same, but late in the evening we managed to find yet another new way to have some fun!  

This spring, we installed a little above ground pool in the back yard for the kids.  It’s nothing huge (only about 3 feet deep) but we have a pretty small yard and this was the largest that would fit back there.  It’s a great size for our kids at this stage, anyway, and it’s enough bigger than the little wading pools that Angel and I can at least get in there with them sometimes.  One thing I added to it was a little underwater light that comes on at dusk.  Even though nobody had ever been for a swim after dark, it still just makes the pool look very neat at night!  

Sunday evening, after getting the kids off to bed, I asked Angel if she would like to go for a little dip in the moonlight.  She was all for it, and within a few minutes we were outside splashing around!  Where our pool sits it is pretty well sheltered from most of our neighbors, and the only ones who might normally have some view in that direction are out of town for this week.  Naturally, it wasn’t too long before there was a lot of making out and fondling going on, since what else are two consenting adults going to be doing alone in a 3 ft deep pool?!  🙂  

As I was behind Angel and letting my hand start to wander south to see how worked up she was already starting to be, she made a comment about how she liked that this was feeling a little bit “naughty..”  I asked her if she would like to be even MORE naughty!  When she asked how I meant, I responded only by tossing my swim trunks over the edge of the pool, which I had just slipped out of a couple minutes before!  Angel immediately realized that I was wearing nothing but the steel cage, and in pretty short order she was completely out of her swim suit as well!  Believe it or not I had never actually been skinny dipping before, and it was very nice to be feeling that “free” with Angel!  

To add to the fun, in anticipation of something like this happening, I had even slipped Angel’s cordless/waterproof magic wand outside and had it ready next to the pool!  Angel was delighted when she saw that, and definitely had several orgasms while riding on top of it in the water, with me filling her up with my fingers as well!  We found out that one of the best things about being practically weightless in water, is that we could get into positions that would never be possible in the bedroom!  It may be mainly just a fun little pet name, but my wife truly did look like an Angel soaring above me, throwing back her wet hair and body as she lost control of herself to one big orgasm after another!  

As she began to come down from that high, Angel did say that she rather wished that my keys weren’t all the way back in the house, because if she had them she would surely be unlocking me right then!  Of course, I desperately wanted HER right then too, but still that feeling of being so close to it for so long, while getting to watch/help Angel have so many orgasms, is one of the best feelings in the world!  Only somebody who has fully experienced being locked and denied with someone they love, would probably ever truly understand that!  

Eventually, we realized that it was getting pretty late so we did have to go on back in the house to get ready for bed and work again the next day. But it was certainly a night to remember, and Angel has told me that she’ll probably never look at this pool the same way again! Lol 

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