Chastity Through Metal Detectors

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep, Sex


I have conquered the metal detectors! 🙂  Anybody who has read my blog for very long, knows that there have been a few instances where I have been let out of the Queen’s Keep for at least a few hours at a time for the sake of going to a baseball game. Starting this season, they have installed metal detectors at the gates for all fans to pass through. While I understand the reason for them and am glad for the extra security measures to help keep everybody safe, it could be a bit awkward to try to explain a chastity device if it were to set off the alarm!

This past Saturday night, Angel and I had tickets to the game. While going about our normal business all day, I actually did completely forget about the fact that I was wearing a steel chastity cage, and that we should probably take that off before heading down to the stadium! It wasn’t until we had parked the car and were walking towards the gates that I remembered… At that point I didn’t even say anything to Angel about it, because I knew that she must have forgotten too, and I didn’t want her to be freaked out the entire time that we were in line and passing through the gates. It was getting too late at that point to even think about going back home for the key, and trying to get back downtown again in time for the game.. So if the alarm went off I’d have to be thinking of something fairly quick to tell the security guards!

When we arrived at the front of the line I emptied my pockets of keys, cell phone, etc. to make sure that nothing ELSE could set off the alarm, and walked on through… To my surprise, NOTHING HAPPENED! I turned around, and saw the light was still green on the back of the detector. I guess from being so preoccupied with wondering how I would explain the chastity device, I was hurrying so quickly to catch up with Angel that I nearly left my phone, etc. on the table, and had to be called back by the gate attendant to collect my belongings! 🙂

Once we made our way to our seats and started to settle in, I leaned over and quietly told Angel that in a way it almost felt like I got away with something on the way in that day.. She immediately realized what I was talking about, remembered that I was still locked, and was just as surprised as I was that the alarm hadn’t gone off! She asked what I’d have told them if it had gone off, and even suggested making up a story about some sort of “groin injury” or something… I still don’t know exactly what I’d have ended up saying, but it turned out to be a moot point anyway!

I had kind of wondered about it before, whether or not there would be enough metal in the Queen’s Keep to actually set these detectors off. It could, yes, but I also know that they can set the “sensitivity” level on those machines, so they may not necessarily have it set quite to that level.. I’m sure (at least I would HOPE!) that it would be set to be able to pick up something with a lot more metal in it (like a gun), but I would suspect that with 40,000+ people filing through in a pretty short amount of time, they would be constantly pulling people aside for inspection if they had the detectors set at the more sensitive levels… Heck I would bet that there are people with more metal INSIDE their bodies (metal plates/screws holding bones together, etc.) than what I was wearing with the Queen’s Keep! I seriously doubt that these people get stopped at every metal detector they ever have to pass through in their lives!

So now we know! Unless they change the sensitivity levels at some point going forward, it would appear that I am OK staying locked in chastity to attend a pro baseball game! Angel isn’t very sure that we should ever try it again anyway, but we’ll see. If she wants to unlock me for the next time that we have tickets, she’s still the one in charge of the keys!

As a disclaimer: This worked for me, in this instance, but I can in no way guarantee that all metal chastity devices would be able to pass unnoticed through all metal detectors! So if anybody else decides to try this, do so at your own risk!

Now for the juicier parts! Lol It turned out to be a fairly late night at the ballpark, following a pretty long rain delay to start things off, so after arriving home we ended up going to bed pretty quickly. The next morning though, we woke up rather early and started having a little fun before the kids got out of bed! In fact, it started off very nice indeed… I needed to get up and use the bathroom, but before I left Angel asked me to go ahead and get her “friend” for her, the Hitachi Magic Wand! She wanted to get started quickly, after all we “never know how much time we’ll have in the mornings!” Angel has never taken THOSE matters into her own hands like that before! I did happily oblige though, and passed her the wand before heading to the bathroom. I could hear the buzzing and some soft moans from Angel, and soon discovered that it is VERY hard (forgive the pun!) to actually use the restroom while straining against the cage as much as I was at that moment!

Eventually I did manage to finish my business, and came back to the bedroom. I couldn’t help but stop briefly in the doorway just to watch. It was quite beautiful to see Angel from a distance lying there, thoroughly enjoying herself with her vibrator! I came back to bed to give her a hand, and it was not long at all before she managed to have an orgasm! And another… And another… 🙂 Once she had her fill of the Magic Wand, Angel motioned that she wanted me to roll on top of her, which I did, and she quickly started pushing my head down between her legs for some more. As if she wasn’t already turned on enough, apparently my tongue hit just the right place at just the right time and I could immediately feel the juices turn back on like a water spigot! After yet another very satisfying orgasm for her, she started seriously contemplating letting me out of the Queen’s Keep, so she could feel me inside her again as well. I just told her that as always, it was completely her call! She did decide that she wanted (no, NEEDED!) that, so she handed me the key to let myself out, with the stipulation that I WOULD be putting it back on again afterwards! Again, I was happy to oblige her wishes, especially being how that meant that I was able to have my own orgasm as well!

After we were both completely spent, Angel asked me again if it was worth it to have to wait that long, and I replied that it absolutely 100% is! She said that it is for her as well, and reiterated how much she loves keeping me locked and waiting these days, until she’s ready to let me out! As requested by Angel up-front, I went ahead and locked myself back into the Queen’s Keep and handed her the key to hold again for however long she decides to make me wait this next time. I do actually have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, so I know that could be a possibility… but we never do know!

  1. KF says: for the info but now it has raised a question with my key holder who is not as easy to get along with. She wants to know the best way to make sure I do set off the detectors so I have to be searched or at least explain what I’m wearing.

  2. I realize now that you have already experienced this a while back after having asked your about metal detectors in my private message inquiry yesterday. I have a feeling that most of the sensors wouldn’t pick up on them in heavily public areas. I have my doubts that you’d be able to get a way with it at the airport thought. Those seem to pick up on the slightest amount of metal nowadays. I have had the same exhiliration happen – but it was when I was wearing my HT V2 so the only metal is the small tumbler lock that holds it on. Now that I have a metal cage it has made me wonder.

  3. Marie says:

    Good to know you beat a metal detector. Love your blogs mate!

  4. aren’t here any alternative for metal? i mean like leather or anything like that?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, there certainly are alternatives, such as plastic, silicon, and yes even leather. I have used a plastic device quite a bit before, and even with a small metal padlock have never had any issues with metal detectors with that one. I have never tried any silicon or leather devices.

      Leather would be fine for very short term play, but I cannot see how it would be good for 24×7 wear, because it would not hold up well in the shower, etc!

  5. Beautifully written. No one can resist reading. Bravo! Thanks for relating.

  6. Love, love this post!

  7. O.Spoon says:

    love this post, Love your blog! Absolutely adore your freedom in submission and dynamic!

  8. Love love love this post. 🙂
    (It’s kind of scary about the metal detectors though…)

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  10. Cara says:

    So the metal detector can be beat. Good to know

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