One Week in the Keep

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Queens Keep


I have made it through my first full week of being locked in the Queen’s Keep!  So far, Angel still hasn’t seen it, so I can’t speak to her reaction yet. But the device itself is still amazingly comfortable! Most of the time, I truly don’t even notice it’s there!

So far, I have experienced NO pinching, hair pulling, ball-stretching, skin chafing, or any other “problem” that popped up from time to time with the CB-6000s. Not to mention, given the whole point of chastity, NO erections (even partially), and of course NO orgasms! Really there’s been NO activity for either one of us lately, but I know Angel will soon get through this extra busy time of the year for her work, then hopefully our lives should get somewhat back to “normal.”

For a continued review of the Queen’s Keep, cleaning it is definitely much simpler than the CB-6000s ever was! It’s very easy to get plenty of soapy water all around in there and rinse it back out in the shower. Then I pretty much just towel dry the outside of it, and as far as I can get to inside the bars.  It’s open enough though, that everything seems like it air dries pretty quickly. By the time I’ve dried off the rest of my body and am ready to put clothes on, it’s good to go. The CB-6000s always seemed to have at least a little bit of standing water in the end of it that I had to try to soak up with a q-tip or something…

  1. becomingHIS says:

    I’m sorry if I’m getting too much in to your business but how can a week go by & her not see it yet? I’m just really sad to hear that. Is she not in to it as much as you are? I mean, you wrote the limerick to go along with giving her the new key. Do you never pass each other in the bathroom while you’re getting ready for work? I saw my ex-husband’s penis multiple times a day, whether I wanted to or not. I just don’t understand.

    • pcguy0681 says:


      That is a good point and a very fair question! While I may not have any earth-shattering response,  I do have several thoughts about the matter that I’d like to collect a little better in my head, then will address it in a new blog entry if that’s ok?  I appreciate the feedback! 

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