Locked in Suspense

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Queens Keep


Often times it seems that “No news is Good news,” so likewise is No reaction a Good reaction? Two full evenings/nights have passed since I’ve been locked in the Queen’s Keep and slipped the keys to Angel, but so far she hasn’t said a word about it, and hasn’t seen the new device at all..  I know that she knows I’ve locked myself up again; that’s nothing new to her anymore. But for all I know she’s likely just assuming it’s still with the CB-6000s. I mean, even if she opened the envelope and found the strange looking keys that go to the security screw, I suppose the “something new” that I wrote to her about could be interpreted as just a new type of lock or something like that…

To be fair, this has been a fairly stressful week for Angel. Most evenings lately have found her up late trying to finish up work she’s had to bring home with her. I didn’t really realize just how bad it was getting until she called me yesterday AT work to vent a little, and was practically crying about how overwhelmed she’s been feeling lately.

I felt like a little bit of an ass after that conversation. She’s already extra stressed (as normal for this time of year), and here I am trying to get her more “into” keeping me in chastity again too.  If I could roll the clock back a couple days for a redo, I’d wait a little bit until life settles down again before I gave her the new keys. But it’s too late for that! I can’t even just unlock myself and put it on the back-burner for a while, because I don’t even know where she put the keys…

Obviously this wasn’t the initial outcome I was expecting (hoping for), but I’m not going to press it at all right now.  I think things will flow naturally again, once SHE’S ready!  Until then, I’ll just keep supporting Angel however she needs it, and wait for her to come back around to the idea of me being locked up. Although… I can’t help but suspect that a good orgasm (or a few!) on her part would do wonders for stress-relief!  🙂

  1. Apfel says:

    Angel’s reaction to the Queen will be forthcoming.

    No, we can’t control the action of the key holder once we surrender the keys. We have put our faith in their hands; their actions may be strange, yet we know that they will never do anything to harm us. Play with our minds, bodies, emotions and anything else they can think of.

    Here is an update on this novice and his adventure into the word of chastity.

    The sizing rings came in earlier this week. Even though I knew that the largest one would not work, I tested it out and it fell off within 30 minutes, from there I went through the cycle of rings, didn’t want to jump a step, slow and easy as you have stated.

    I now have the size 1 ¾ on. I have had this size ring on since Wednesday morning after shaving. I must say that even though we have and still use cock & ball harnesses, those devices are placed around the balls and fastened, or snapped together, making this manner easier to place and lock on.

    Having to place the boys though a tiny hole was a chore, they wanted to fight and hide, and it took a few tries to get it done. I had to sneak up on them, as they lay around laughing, waiting for the next comical moment at an attempt to ring them both.

    I have done everything that I normally do in my everyday life, without taking the ring off since placing around the testacies and slipping the penis through two days ago. This size seems just right, I don’t know if I want to step down to a smaller size. By going with the instructions I do believe I have the correct size ring on. I will keep this size on for the weekend, just to get the feel of what it will be like once I have no control of removal,

    I might try the next smaller size to double check myself, just in case.

    I know that the real ring will be made of metal, the same thickness, of the plastic ones sent to me. That will make it easier to get a feel for the diameter, of a strange object surrounding my balls and using my penis as an anchor.

    I’m starting to develop the knowledge on how to care for myself as far as lotion around the ring, sitting, shifting, stretching and such to take the pressure off the entire package, this usually happens with prolong sitting.

    I normally shave on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, yet once I am placed into my device, I am afraid that I will be shaving less often.

    Any advice you can lend grooming once you are locked up will be welcomed?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Well, I generally start off a “chastity session” pretty much clean-shaven, but haven’t really mastered doing much with it once I’m locked up.  Sometimes I’ll push the ring down as far as possible and go ahead and shave as much as I can get to, but anything growing past that point just has to stay. Going weeks at a time, some hairs can get relatively long in there. That’s also where I’d run into issues with the CB-6000s.  There were so many pieces to that thing that didn’t always fit completely snug, that it was easy for a hair to get pinched somewhere and then pull out when I shifted positions or something.  Ouch!  With only two pieces to the Queen’s Keep, and no apparent “play” between the base ring and the cage, I’m hopeful [crossing my fingers] that problem will go away now! 

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