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Posted: April 17, 2018 in BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Kinky, Rope


It’s been a couple days since I ventured out to an “Intro to Rope Bondage” class that was offered in my city, but I wanted to write up a short follow-up to my last post (Taking a “Binding” Chance). If anybody hasn’t seen that one, it’s a pretty good read and generated some great, thought-provoking comments! (i.e. Is Angel’s lackluster “approval” of me attending an event like this, a way of subliminally trying to guilt me into not doing it, even if she doesn’t mean for it to be that way??)

Thank you for everyone’s support and feedback there, it’s always greatly appreciated! In that last post, I was getting ready to go to this rope class. I was very upfront with Angel about my desire to do it, even though I know that generally speaking she is fairly against any kind of kink-outside-the-privacy-of-the-bedroom type of things. That’s one opinion that I don’t happen to share with her. I mean, I’m completely good with not involving any 3rd party directly into our private, intimate moments (writing about them later doesn’t count as a 3rd party being physically involved!) But we do both seem to enjoy certain aspects of BDSM in our private lives, and I think the best part of having a “community” is to be able to get out and learn from others who have far more experience in doing these things in as safe a manner as possible!

But that’s all a conversation of its own which could probably span MANY blog posts!


So I did get Angel’s “permission,” and attended a rope class on Saturday… It was a lot of fun! The format was pretty much just as I envisioned, and how a few folks described it on that last post we’ve been talking about. Yes, everyone in attendance was fully clothed. Though the subject matter might be of somewhat of a “kinky nature,” there was nothing particularly sexual going on there at all. The instructor may as well have been teaching basket weaving or any other subject under the sun as far as that goes! 🙂 But it was definitely a very laid back, fun learning environment where sexy things could be talked about candidly with no judgements whatsoever!

Everything was very no-nonsense, matter-of-fact talk and demonstration. Starting with safety concerns, general Dos and Don’ts of tying somebody up with rope, types of rope, etc. Then they demoed some basic single and double-column knots ( {some-variation-of-a} bowline? ) followed by a quick lesson on a half-hitch knot meant for securing the OTHER end of your rope to some fixed object. Everyone had a chance to practice all of these knots either on themselves or on a willing partner while the instructors walked around to give additional pointers wherever needed.

I did learn a lot, and to be honest even if I never get to use any of it as part of an erotic bondage scene with Angel, some of this could end up being very useful in other applications–like out on my boat! Lol

Before I left I was a bit worried that even though Angel had given her blessing that she was still going to be rather upset that I actually did go ahead and attend the class.. But I think she has come to terms and is OK with it. She did ask me a few questions about it, which I was very upfront and honest about. And she was still pretty playful with me throughout the rest of that evening, which I knew was a good sign. When she’s pissed at me for some reason she tends to just get quiet and give me the cold shoulder for a while until we eventually get around to talking through the issue!

Unfortunately we didn’t end up having any time for me to practice with Angel anything I had learned that day, but hopefully I will be able to soon (before I forget how!) I think a lot of this, now that I’ve seen it live and done it a few times, would probably come back to me pretty quickly with any pics or videos I may find online.

In summary: I’m glad I went! I’d love to eventually take some of the more advanced rope classes offered periodically by this same group. I’d ESPECIALLY love to eventually get Angel to come to one with me, but I’m resigned to the fact that that may never happen. And that’s OK.


  1. I’m happy that you got to attend a rope class. Keep practicing and hopefully Angel will let you try it out on her. 😊

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