Mature Metal = Awesome!

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


Right now, I am very happy that I made the decision to go with Mature Metal for my custom-fit chastity device.  As I’ve already talked about, the fit and craftsmanship of my Queen’s Keep is outstanding!  And even when I DID have an issue, with the security screw, the service at this point has been top-notch.  I sent off the Queen’s Keep, screws, keys, as well as another padlock that I had tried unsuccessfully to use with it, less than a week ago.  As of today, they have already addressed everything I had inquired about, and let me know it will be back in the mail for me again tomorrow!

First, they did manage to get the “stuck” screw out that I had trouble with.  They are sending me two new screws & keys, and have stated that both were tested and are working just fine.  As for the stuck one, they are thinking it may have had a bent thread coming out of the end of the locking collar, but there is no real way to tell for sure.  The advice is to make absolutely sure it goes in “square” in the hole, and also to not overtighten.  I didn’t think I WAS overtightening, but will be sure to be extra mindful of that going forward!

Another point I had mentioned was that sometimes it’s hard to keep a good grip on the round, cylindrical key, either for getting the screw started or removing it.  I thought that if they could put something at the end to hold on to, like a T-handle or something, that would help tremendously!  Well, apparently they ARE going to add a T-handle to one of the keys for me, so I do look forward to seeing if that makes it any better!

The other issue I had was with the padlock that wouldn’t lay down flat against the cage when using it..  The way it would only fit sticking straight up, made that option pretty much unusable in my book.  I brought that to their attention and they have made some adjustments so apparently the lock DOES lay down flat now!

Finally, the last thing I had mentioned to them wasn’t really a problem that I was asking them to fix right now, but a suggestion for a potential future “product improvement.” I told them how it is difficult sometimes to get the security screw started due to how the cage swivels so much around the locking post, especially when wearing the device.  I said how I thought it would be much easier if the post was a little more squared off rather than completely round.  They responded to that saying that they do certainly agree that would help a lot! They have previously looked into using square stock instead of round, for the locking post, but just cannot seem to find it in the correct size for this application.

So overall my experience with Mature Metal right now has been nothing short of outstanding!  They take the time to listen and take corrective action on problems, with a very quick turnaround.  If it hadn’t been for the holiday this past week, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had gotten it back even faster!  They are also very open to suggestions, and show that they have put extensive research into trying to develop the very best chastity devices on the market.  Granted, I have not tried any other stainless steel devices, but I have a feeling that these would be very hard to beat!

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