En Route to… More Denial!

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


Woo Hoo! Just hours after my last post, patiently waiting for word that my Queen’s Keep is on its way, I did in fact receive an e-mail from Mature Metal stating that my device is ready and being mailed out today! So just under the 6 week mark.. Can’t complain about that! Depending on how long the actual shipping takes, I suppose I should have it in my hands possibly by the end of the week, or early next week at the latest.

At least now I know it’s en route, but the next question is when will I be able to try it on? Though I’m at least 90% sure she will like it, Angel doesn’t actually know this is coming yet…  And she has kept me locked in my CB-6000s at this point about 6 1/2 weeks now, which is already the second-longest time I have ever gone. I was once fairly good at predicting when she might let me out, even if I wished it might be a little longer.. But NOW, things have changed a bit!  She has gotten much more into it, and rather enjoys keeping me in chastity.  I can honestly say I have no idea how much longer it might be!  My gut tells me it might be either this coming weekend or next, but I don’t really have any evidence to base that on.

Once out, I’ll be able to start trying out the Queen’s Keep, a little bit at a time.  Maybe I’ll wear it to work a few times to see how it feels with normal everyday movement. Assuming I do manage to surprise Angel with this, I would like to be very comfortable with it before handing her the keys for the first time so I won’t end up having to ask for them back!

It should work out well, I think, because at least up to this point Angel hasn’t ever really asked (or told!) me to go put my device back on after any period of being unlocked.  Normally I just get to a point where I’m kind of “craving” it again so I will end up locking myself back up and leave her the keys. Several times I’ve left them with a little note taped to the bathroom mirror or something, letting her know I was “all hers.” I would always try to be a little more creative with my wording every time I did this, and she has said she really enjoys finding my notes! As long as that remains status quo, I should be able to take a little time to vet out the new device, leave THOSE keys for her instead, then get the pleasure of seeing her first reaction when she discovers the difference!

At least I sure HOPE it goes that smoothly.  Of course I also have to keep in mind the old adage: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray!”

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