Denial 25 Hours a Day

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Bedroom Bondage, Bondage, CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


Yes, I know there are only 24 hours in a day… except once per year!  Generally speaking I hate the time of year when we come off of Daylight Savings Time, because it just gets dark way too early now.  But the one good thing that comes from it is the extra hour everybody gets to sleep…  Or play, of course!

This past Saturday night, Angel and I ended up going to bed relatively early, both rather exhausted from two very long days of chasing a toddler around Halloween-related events. We knew it was the night to roll the clocks back an hour and remarked that it would be nice to be able to do something fun with that extra time, but we were both too tired then to do anything about it.  However, when a crying baby got Angel up in the middle of the night for a feeding, I found myself wide awake as well!

We do enjoy playing with toys, restraints, etc. quite a bit, and in fact have a set of cuffs hooked to the bed frame for quick access when the mood strikes.  They are tethered by a ratcheting pulley, making it very easy for either of us to quickly render the other immobile. In fact, it is so easy that I can even get MYSELF tied to the bed pretty quickly, but do require assistance then to get back out!  Anyway, lying there locked and alone the mood did strike and I decided to give Angel a little surprise.  I started with laying out her “best friend” the magic wand between my legs for her to discover later.  Then put a blindfold on myself followed by the cuffs, and pulled the other end of the rope tether to make the ratchet tighten to the point I was completely stuck. There was no turning back now!

I waited about 20 minutes or so (by my best estimate) until Angel had the baby back down and came back to bed.  She definitely seemed to like what she found!  She started cuddling and kissing all over my neck and chest, and asked what prompted this. I replied that she had said we should do something “fun” with our extra hour that night, so hopefully I could be that something for her!  She liked that a lot, and started riding me and kissing my neck even harder… She always likes trying to leave marks on me, but when my hands are free I’ve found I can just tickle her to the point she gasps for breath. If she’s breathing through her mouth I know she doesn’t have any “suction” left for leaving hickeys!  🙂  But now that my hands are tied to the bed by my own doing… Guess there’s not really any way to stop her from doing as she wishes!  (She didn’t actually leave any marks there, but she does love to tease!)

I told Angel that there was something else she may like, and she was delighted to find her well-placed wand! She propped it up better against my cage, turned on the power and started riding it on top of me exactly the way she likes it.  I don’t know how many orgasms she managed to have then but I felt I was right there with her every step of the way!  It was good she stopped when she did, because I was starting to be afraid that if she continued with the magic wand literally vibrating my entire cage, I might just come right through it!  At some point she took off my blindfold so I could see her again in all her glory.  She also uncuffed just one of my hands, for the sole purpose of helping her hold the wand upright while she rode it even more!  I was in heaven, and could tell that she was too.  I wanted even more though, and asked if she’d let me out that night, to which she replied “Heck No!” She hadn’t agreed to anything like that, and was rather enjoying seeing me strain against the cage! Once again, being so blatantly denied release just turned me on even more! Once she was fully satisfied (as was I) she rolled on off of me and we fell back asleep for the rest of the night happily in each other’s arms.

Can we say… Best Fall-Back night ever?!

  1. pantiewearer says:

    That was a pretty awesome story. I enjoyed it tremendously. Although I am NOT caged I do deny myself of orgasms for long periods of time with my wife. I let her do all the leading regarding sexual adventures. I guess I am into wife worshiping rather than being caged. However I do deny myself for long periods of time.

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