Getting More Into Key-Holding

Posted: October 29, 2014 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


I had finally gotten the courage to have “The Conversation” with my wife (Angel) about my desire to be kept in chastity, and she was going along with it!  I can’t say she was completely on board at first, because I know there was a lot that she didn’t understand about it, and she has since told me that she did think it was a little weird in the beginning.  But lucky for me I married a very open-minded woman who was willing to humor me with it anyway, and would gradually start to see how we BOTH benefit from keeping me locked up!

A few days had passed since I had given Angel the keys to my chastity device. As we were lying in bed and starting to get a little frisky with each other again, she asked if I was ready to come out of it. I told her that she had the keys, therefore the power! Whether I wanted it off or not, it was completely her call. Any time that SHE wanted it off, she could take it off! Angel does very much enjoy traditional sex, and really likes to feel me inside her, so it came off fairly quickly at that point so we could do that.. The sex (as always) was pretty amazing, and I started to explain to Angel how all of the anticipation and “build-up” over the last few days really led to a rather explosive orgasm on my end. I hoped she felt some of that as well, but wasn’t completely sure how she still felt about the whole idea yet.

That was pretty much it, initially. I put the chastity device away for a couple weeks and we didn’t really talk about it anymore until one night out of the blue I would wake up very hard, and with a very compelling urge to have it restrained back in its cage again. I got out of bed, had to wait a little while before I was soft enough again to be able to squeeze back into the CB-6000s, snapped the lock shut and left the keys out on Angel’s nightstand where she was sure to find them the next day. She did find them, and dropped them into the drawer. They were still very accessible to me but I knew if I ever wanted her to take male chastity seriously, I’d better not ever try to cheat with it! Angel asked why I put my cage back on, and there wasn’t really any good reason other than I just really felt the need to have her back in control again. I can’t imagine just how lame it all must have sounded to her!

And so that dance continued for quite a while. I would lock myself up from time to time and it would last anywhere from a few days to maybe a week or so, but not much longer before she would unlock it. Then it would be off, usually for at least a couple weeks at a time. All in all it was certainly off more than it was on, but Angel was gradually warming up to it! She didn’t really seem to mind seeing me wearing my chastity device any more, and would occasionally even make subtle little jokes about someone trying to get hard, but can’t! 🙂 During my periods of chastity, I made it a point to be extra attentive to her needs. That’s not to say I didn’t ALWAYS do this as a good husband (Lol), but when I’m locked up and always straining against the end of the cage trying to get hard, Angel is at the forefront of my mind pretty much 24/7 and it just kind of comes natural to want to do even more for her than normal! From a sexual standpoint I just couldn’t get enough of going down on her. I absolutely loved bringing her to orgasm either with my fingers, tongue, or any of the toys we’d started playing around with.

Angel was really starting to notice and appreciate all of the extra attention she tended to get when I was locked up. She asked once why I was so much more “frisky” when wearing my cage. I told her that it was just such a turn-on for me to be able to see HER have multiple orgasms (preferably with my help!) while knowing it was entirely possible I may not have one of my own right then unless she opted to unlock me. I told her that giving her orgasms was so much better than having my own, anyway. These aren’t my own words here, but I read a blog once that very adequately described how I felt on the matter. It said that when a man has an orgasm there is the build-up to it, then a few seconds of bliss, then it’s over. Probably for the rest of the night. When locked in male chastity, it’s as if he’s 99% to orgasm all the time!! It’s questionable if it’s worth giving up the feeling of the 99% for an extended period, just to get that last 1% for a few seconds. Being able to watch my wife orgasm time and time again just keeps me right on the edge, and it’s almost as if I’m having one right along with her! Angel was still skeptical, but at least seemed to accept that explanation for the time.

After the birth of our first child, I knew it would be several weeks before Angel was cleared for any sort of sexual activity. Within a couple weeks after we brought the baby home, I locked myself back into my chastity device, gave Angel the keys, and let her know that as long as SHE couldn’t do anything sexually, I didn’t want to either! She seemed to like that idea quite a bit, and my period of lock-up stretched out to about a month. By far the longest to date! I never complained about wearing it during that time, but by the time she was able to have sex again I was more than ready as well! It didn’t take very long to get her warmed up to the point she unlocked me, desperate to have my hard dick filling her up again. Of course it was wonderful, but admittedly it was over way too quickly!

Once more, we kind of fell into somewhat of an on-again off-again trend in regards to keeping me in chastity; generally more of the off-again part. When it was on, I could usually kind of predict when Angel was ready for it to come off. She would start teasingly asking if I was ready, or if “my little friend” wanted to come out and play. While I certainly did appreciate the orgasms that were sure to come at that point, I also admit that there were times I was a little disappointed that she hadn’t tried keeping me locked up a bit longer… I guess it came down to another concept from the same blog I referred to earlier, which is that a chaste man may WANT release, but he CRAVES denial! Wow, it just seems like I fit that profile perfectly! At any rate, I still had a beautiful wife who not only loved having sex with me, but also was willing to indulge my desire to have her keep me in chastity and control my orgasms. I am a very lucky man!

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