Locked in the Keep – Week 3

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


The remainder of Week 3 was relatively uneventful in terms of being locked. I would have thought, that getting an unexpected “release” halfway through the week might have been sufficient to make me not quite so horny… But nope! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was immediately locked back up afterwards or what, but I almost think I’ve been even MORE horny the second part of this week!

I wake up next to Angel every morning wanting to be inside her very badly.. but know there’s no way of that happening right then! One morning over the weekend we woke up early and Angel was letting me help her to some orgasms again, and I told her how much I wanted her right then. She was very adamant about “Not today!” She reminded me that I’d already been out once this week, and she didn’t think we should do that TOO much or there wouldn’t be much point in staying locked. Once again it was VERY hot hearing Angel take the reins like that and blatantly deny me!

On one other note, I ditched the Anti-Pullout pin while I was out this time. A couple of nights prior to that I had woken up in the middle of the night with a normal “partial erection” going on, but more than that.. It was actually feeling rather sore right where the pin sits. I was going to give it maybe one more day to see if I could work through that issue, but I was pretty close to asking Angel to unlock me anyway. We wouldn’t have had to even take the cage all the way off, but slide it forward just enough to be able to pull that pin out from underneath the locking post. It was about time to take a break from the pin, at least!

So really, it was kind of a relief when Angel decided on her own to let me out this week. With the cage off, I was able to take a look and saw that the medium sized pin was in fact rubbing a little red spot right on the top of the penis. It wasn’t TOO painful, but I definitely needed to get that out of there to make sure I could heal up all the way! The shorter pin might still be ok (I hadn’t seen any issues with that one yet), but it seems that the medium size is not very practical for a very long term at all.

  1. Canary's Pet says:

    I’ve had a KSD G3 in my CB6000 for the last three weeks on and off. And I was starting to notice yesterday that arousal was growing especially painful. A wise man would’ve asked his wife/keyholder to unlock him and check him out that night before bed. Well, I guess I was going for that non-existent merit badge in kink. 😉 This morning, I was in enough apparent pain that my wife unlocked me on her own accord. We discovered an open wound on the top of my penis right where the head meets the shaft. (The penis-neck?) I cleaned it up and applied some polysporin. I already feel way better.

    My Lady left me unlocked so I’m feral today but I’m imagining my penis would cause me more pain than pleasure right now.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      I know what you mean! The anti-pullout options do their job, but maybe too well sometimes. It’s not worth it at the expense of having open sores down there! Luckily mine didn’t get too bad at all before I noticed it and got that pin out of there.

      • Canary's Pet says:

        I was just wondering about how those pins were treating you, this morning. LOL I had read the post when you did your initial review on the anti-pullout pins. They never seem so vicious at first, do they?

        • pcguy0681 says:

          Nope, you’re right about that! I think the shortest pin might still be ok. I did go a few weeks with that one already. This medium pin though, not so much. I had it in for about 2 weeks total, but the first week of that is when I was sick, so I wasn’t “big enough” in the cage to cause any rubbing. Looks like about 1 week of regular use is all I could handle with that pin before it became too irritating.

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