Two Weeks in the Keep

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Queens Keep


I have completed two full weeks of 24×7 lockup in the Queen’s Keep! This week has been a bit harder than the first, but for much different reasons! My first week in this device was very uneventful. I had a lot of build-up to being locked and giving the keys over to Angel, but then due to very poor timing she was so caught up with her work at the time that this type of thing couldn’t have been further from the front of her mind.  It was a fairly stressful week all around the house. The chastity itself wasn’t particularly difficult for that week, as there was very little “sexual energy” going on to keep me very horny!  The hard part that week was more about the unknown… I had no idea how Angel would react to a new, steel device on me!  But then came week two!

Anytime I’ve been locked in the past, the second week always seems to be harder than the first. It seems like it just takes about a week or so to “settle in” and get everything adjusted just right inside the cage. I’m not really sure if that same break-in period will be normal with the Queen’s Keep or not since it fits so much better right off the bat! But normally by the second week I’m really starting to get much more horny, and that was definitely true here as well!  Granted, I’m sure it also helped a lot that Angel actually got  to SEE the new device this week and spent a fair amount of time teasing me in it!

Of course when Angel is in the middle of teasing me and letting me help HER to orgasm, during those times I’m pretty much off the wall with desire to be unlocked and inside her. When I express that desire and she tells me NO, it really does fuel the fire even more! But even other than those specific moments, I’ve been finding myself to be much more horny in general during the second week. At numerous random times on an average day I’ll suddenly feel myself “trying” to get hard, with no success. It is also rather difficult waking up in the morning next to Angel and not just immediately trying to jump her bones! 🙂 This is especially true now that she is off work until after the new year. She gets to sleep in a bit (as long as the kids allow it) and I find it very difficult to leave her alone in our big bed so I can get up and get ready to still go to work myself!

So in summary the second week has definitely been harder, but pretty much just in my head. Physically speaking I am still seeing no ill effects whatsoever from being locked in steel!

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