Queen’s Keep In For Service

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Mature Metal, Queens Keep


Today I boxed the Queen’s Keep up and shipped it on back to Mature Metal for service.  That’s a little disappointing, but hopefully they’ll be able to get that stuck security screw out. And hopefully with new screws and keys, I won’t ever see that problem anymore! With the holiday this week, I don’t know when they’ll receive it or what the turnaround time might be.

While I’m sending it back anyway, I am also having them check out the issue where when I use a regular padlock, it only works with the lock sticking straight up in the air.  I know it is supposed to go in sideways, but according to pics on their website, it should at least be able to lay down flat against the cage! From what I can tell, the locking post is a little too long, and that’s what keeps the padlock from laying flat. They said to also send in the lock I’m using and they will check that out as well.

I know Mature Metal sells padlocks too, but I always just assumed that those are the same as the small Master locks that come with the CB-xxxx devices. If that is NOT the case, I’m not opposed to buying one of their own locks, which the device should be built to work with!

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