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2017-2019 Lock-up Summary

I haven’t done one of these for a while. I’m not sure why.. At the end of 2015 and 2016 I started doing a short analysis of my Current Status Page, and recording how long I’d been locked for each of those years. Turns out I was pretty consistent over that time period, with a solid 304 days locked both years (or you could say I spent ~83% of my time in chastity). Not too shabby! If interested, here are the previous summaries that I had written up those years:

2015 Lock-up Summary
2016 Lock-up Summary

I think I’d planned on continuing that analysis every year, but for some reason in years since then I never actually went back to total everything up. So here’s a brief synopsis of the missing years.

During 2017 I was locked a whopping 357 days (98% of the time)! I did have just a handful of times out for less than 20 mins at a time for a quick orgasm, when Angel just REALLY wanted to feel me inside her again. But then I was locked back up again quick enough that I didn’t even really count the time out… Maybe cheating for some, but hey–my blog my rules on how I count the time! 🙂

In 2018 I slacked off quite a bit and was only locked 271 days (74% of the time). This was by far my lowest year since going with custom made stainless steel chastity devices in mid-2014. You could say it was a bad year for me & chastity until October, when I was locked for good during our little trip to a Sybaris resort, and I have literally not been let out since!

Going back to my previous statement, I did spend a full 365 days (100%) of 2019 locked in chastity! And I mean ZERO releases… Not for cleaning/shaving, not for doctor visits, or even for air travel (twice, or 4 times round-trip!)

So what will 2020 bring? I think I’d written before that Angel had been toying with the idea of letting me out for our own New Year’s fireworks, being how it has been SOO long since I’ve been out (15 months and counting…) but then right before that date came along she started having second thoughts and with good reasons decided to have me go a bit longer. Those reasons, I intend to cover in a separate post. So you’ll just have to wait and find out! (unless you follow me on Fet, then maybe you’ve already seen a little preview from some conversations I’ve been involved in there…) The bottom line is I am STILL locked and STILL loving it! And while I would actually be completely OK with staying locked for another full year in 2020, I have serious doubts right now that this will happen. More to come on that!

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