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2015 Lock-up Summary

I decided to go back through the records on my Current Status page and add up how many total days I was locked in a chastity device vs. being unlocked during 2015.  I was actually somewhat surprised by the results: For every day that I was free, I spent almost 5 days locked up!

The year ended the same way as it began, with me locked in the Queen’s Keep.  At the beginning of the year, the steel device was brand new to me and that was the very first session where I had turned control of these keys over to Angel.  But she took to it like a fish to water, and started keeping me locked far more than not!

There were a few cases here and there where I was let out for only a few hours to attend certain events, or sometimes only about 20 mins or so for a quickie, then I would be right back into chastity.  I didn’t count those days for the sake of this post, since it was such a short time out of the device.  Once we determined that I could safely pass through at least certain metal detectors unnoticed, that was pretty much the end of being released for that reason!

Total, there were only 9 instances during the year where I was let out for at least one full day at a time, making it a grand total of 61 days Unlocked.  Doing the math, that puts me being Locked for 304 days, or approximately 83% of the year. 83%! That is a very big number!!

While locked this past year, I do feel that I have become very adept at getting Angel to orgasm multiple times per session, whether with my fingers, tongue, toys, or a combination of all. I definitely do find that I get just as much enjoyment these days from helping HER to orgasm as I do when I have my own!

Besides chastity, we have also engaged in several other types of bedroom play (some for the first time this year and others that we’ve done before) including, but not limited to:

A year ago, some of this stuff (namely butt plugs or anything “ass” related at all) would have completely off-limits to Angel and I never would have dreamed that now she would be not only allowing it, but enjoying it too! I am very anxious to see what other new adventures 2016 might bring us.  This is, after all, the “Thrill of the Chaste!” 🙂

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