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Remembering Sybaris – A Swinging Good Time!

Last October I wrote a couple pieces about Angel and I taking a 10th anniversary trip to a Sybaris resort, and WOW was that a great time! Looking back, I REALLY did not do that trip justice in my writing. You can see a couple pics of our accommodations from that weekend here, and here is a short piece about the couple times that I was briefly unlocked that weekend, before sealing the keys away… for a VERY long time! I wanted to write so much more about that weekend, so I’m sorry that my blogging has kind of had to take a back seat to other, more “vanilla” things in life since that point.

Things I had intended to write about include the 52 orgasms that Angel had, compared to the grand total of 2 for myself, which I did write about previously. Yes you read that right, FIFTY TWO orgasms for Angel over that 3 day period. We counted! 52-2 was the final tally. We clearly did not leave the room much, but if you’ve seen those pictures I posted before can you blame us? Lol And of course with me being locked for 99% of that time, we found SO many new positions and ways to get HER off than we’d ever thought possible! Of course the van full of toys that we brought along helped a lot, as did buying even more (larger pieces) while there. Ever seen the Liberator Esse? Let me tell you the ‘Deep Impact’ position on their chart is absolutely AMAZING, even if I’m only allowed to do that with Angel while wearing a strap-on (which happens to be exactly how that happened!) Never mind the fact that we barely had the space to squeeze the Esse into our van behind the middle seats to even bring it home!

Other things I had hoped to write about include the sex sling & stand, which I had previously purchased but that was the first time getting to set it up and use it at all with Angel.
It was a perfect setting for it, too! I mean, where else do you have access to a PRIVATE pool, surrounded on part by beach scenes and other parts by a full length mirror by which to watch all the action first-hand?! We got plenty of use out of this sling over that weekend, and it was a blast no matter which of us was riding in it!

I don’t really know just how many of Angel’s 52 orgasms happened in this swing, but it was several! Most notably was when she allowed me to blindfold her then cuff her hands to the chains above her head, before getting on my knees between those wide-spread legs to taste all she had to offer! That weekend was absolutely Heavenly!

But I mainly bring this up now because I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about our last encounter on this very swing. Angel had unlocked me not 10 minutes prior for a bit of sex in the pool, before changing her mind and deciding she wanted it in the swing instead. So there we were, both naked (and unlocked) with her laying back swinging gently next to the pool, feet up in the stirrups giving me full access at just the right height! I was allowed inside her for only the second time in as many days. It was definitely a wonderful experience leaning over my Angel as we rocked gently together, just her and I, with nothing between us to prevent the inevitable. We probably didn’t exactly have synchronized orgasms or anything, but certainly both had one! It was a wonderful feeling, of course, which was then over. I was spent and wouldn’t be able to have a repeat performance of that for a while, regardless. But as I wrote in that last post on the topic, I wouldn’t have to worry about any repeat performances for a while, as shortly thereafter my keys were sealed in a Lockbox controlled by EmlaLock for what would turn into a pretty long duration!

So why am I thinking so much about that now, inspiring such a long blog post about it? Because even now, approaching TEN months later, that was the last time I have been out of my Jail Bird for a release! Not just for a release, that’s the last time I’ve been out of it, period. Emlalock enforced my lock-up period for nearly 8 months, but would have let me out close to by birthday way back in June. Since then, it has been all ANGEL continuing to deny me release! Per my current status page I have been locked 305 days to date, and I am well beyond even being able to start guessing when Angel might decide to let me out! But she’s having so much fun with it now and it’s such a blast watching her grow deeper and deeper into that dominant role, that I truly don’t even CARE how much longer she keeps me like this! She has been hinting a lot lately about wanting to stretch it out for at least a year.. I repeat, AT LEAST a year!

I know many in chastity view a year as an ultimate goal, like if you can do that you can do anything. (Anything as far as chastity goes, anyway!) And here I’m only 60 days away from attaining that. Well OK, maybe it’s more like 75 days to hit a year since that last memorable experience on the swing, but it certainly looks like I may very well be getting to that point!

This chastity journey I’ve been on with Angel for the past several years now simply NEVER gets old. In fact every new twist and turn just makes it even more exciting with age! Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be much more to come about hitting the elusive 1 year threshold and seeing what Angel decides to do with me after that!

As an extra little bonus on this thread since I know I HAVE been a bit lax in posting much new content this year: here is one of my favorite pics from our Sybaris vacation. Identifying features had to be blurred out, but here is ME on the swing. Locked in my Jail Bird (of course), combined with a butt plug, blindfold, and even a tight straight jacket, just hanging out by the pool giving Angel some eye candy while she relaxed in the water. Oh, that weekend was WONDERFUL and I cannot wait for Angel and I to get back there again some day!

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