Reblog: An Open Letter To Those Curious About The Lifestyle With Uninterested Partners…

Posted: November 23, 2017 in Male Chastity

I may write more about this at a later date after I have more time to think about it, but wanted to share this post in the mean time. I can’t say that this completely describes my relationship with Angel, but I definitely did see a few parallels in there! Enjoy!

Tall, Dark and Dominant


During my time maintaining this blog and befriending you kind souls, there has been a recurring theme that runs as an undercurrent to some of the lives that pass me by. And today I wanted to talk a bit about that.

The recurring element I’m speaking about is guilt and today I wanted to write for those with boyfriends or girlfriends or husbands or wives that aren’t remotely interested in anything BDSM related.

Maybe you’ve run it by your partner once and they’ve scoffed, maybe it’s been a few times. Maybe it’s been years since you’ve mentioned it, they’ve scoffed and you’ve been struggling with this emptiness, this desire to know but guilt for feeling so, since that point in time.

Here’s the thing though – you have absolutely no reason to feel guilt. Absolutely no reason. And here’s why.

As physical as the BDSM lifestyle is, as wondrous as…

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  1. thenewsavior says: the many reasons a monogamous life is not really ideal. We can find many to share different aspects of our personality with, so why limit ourselves to only one.
    It may take more than one to fulfill us completely. We are not monochromatic in personality or in life, so why be that way in relationships?


  2. A good post. My first wife was totally uninterested! I was “weird”. It’s likely a big part of the reason we’re not together. She found someone else as vanilla as she was and left. C’est la vie!!


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