Chaste Activities


I decided to start a couple of lists of normal, everyday activities which I’ve found that I can or cannot do while locked in chastity.  This list is completely “non-sexual,” as what I can/cannot do in the bedroom is fairly obvious (not to mention, well-documented throughout the rest of this blog!)

As can be clearly seen here, there really are very few things that are completely off-limits or not doable just because I’m chaste! I will add to this list whenever I’ve had some new experience that is pertinent.  If any readers have any other activities that you have engaged in while locked up, or had a bad experience and found out that it was NOT possible to do something while locked, I would love to hear about it in the comments section!


Things I CAN do while locked in a chastity device:

  1. Attend sporting events (baseball games, etc.)
  2. Barbecue
  3. Boating
  4. Change oil in car
  5. Clean the house
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Crawl through maze in haystack at the pumpkin patch
  8. Cut down a tree
  9. Dancing
  10. Doctor’s visits (annual exam, normal “sick” visits)
  11. Dig a drainage trench in back yard
  12. Dodgeball Tournament (yep, it was a charity event…)
  13. Fly!  (Yes, been through TSA checkpoints–body scanners & metal detectors alike!)
  14. Get a professional massage
  15. Go on a Halloween hay ride
  16. Hang Christmas lights all over the house/yard
  17. Home construction/remodeling:
    • Demolition (walls, ceiling, stairs, you name it!)
    • Drywall (hanging, taping, mudding)
    • Electrical (pulling new cable through walls, hanging ceiling fans/fixtures, etc.)
    • Flooring (laying tile, grout, hardwood, etc.)
    • Painting
    • Rebuilding (walls, ceiling, staircases, closets, etc.)
  18. Job Interviews
  19. Jury Duty
  20. Load a moving truck
  21. Mow the lawn
  22. Play with kids on floor
  23. Read books to kids sitting in lap
  24. Ride a Go-Kart
  25. Ride a WaveRunner
    • Get thrown OFF of a waverunner! 🙂
  26. Run around with kids outside
  27. Run on a treadmill
  28. SCUBA Diving
  29. Shovel snow off driveway
  30. Split firewood
  31. Swimming
    • Dive head-first into water
    • Skinny Dipping! 🙂
  32. Take a pre-employment drug test
  33.  Travel
    • Driving long distances
  34. Visit family
  35. Walk the dog
  36. Water Ski
  37. Work (normal office job)


Things I CANNOT do while locked in a chastity device:

  1. Pee standing up (unless at a urinal, taking great care to not spray on neighbor! Lol)

canstockphoto20986190Things I do on occasion, but have never yet attempted while locked in a chastity device:

  1. Float Trip (i.e. slow river rafting, lots of alcohol!  Don’t really anticipate this ever being a problem…)
  2. Riding a bicycle (This one COULD be an issue.  I’ll probably find out some day!)

  1. kitensBoyToy says:

    My Harley has been don since before I was locked but I don’t anticipate any problems. I ride an Electraglide trike and pretty much sit leaned back with my feet on the highway pegs.

  2. carpe diem says: comments. I wear a jailbird am doing full workouts at Gym including rowing, running, free weights etc. Steamroom no problem, just wrap a towel around your waist. I literally can do anything except of course sex.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Awesome, thanks! I never was sure about the gym specifically, because I never go, but good to hear that you can also excersise hard in chastity. Like you, I still find I can do pretty much ANYTHING in my daily life completely unhindered by the cage. And there is still plenty of sex too, only sex has been somewhat… “redefined” around our house if you know what I mean! 🙂

  3. gky says: find no problems going by bike with a chastity device, even as I use one that is not flat on the bottom:
    It’s mainly a matter of technique, you should not be leaning forward to much. Maybe it makes more problems by bike racing rather than everyday transportation.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Nice, thanks for the info! I still have never even tried it… My son is still on training wheels though, so I suspect once he learns how to ride on 2 wheels I may at some point be obligated to dig my bike out from the back of the garage and go riding with him. So we’ll see how it goes then!

  4. Gene P. says:

    The “take a pre-employment drug test” item… you might want to reconsider that one.

    They did a “pat down” on me before my last one to insure I wasn’t carrying a pirate urine supply into the test room with me. A locked-on chastity device would certainly have been detected, and would NOT have been acceptable since it would prevent proper “clean catch” sample acquisition.

    How rigorous the testing procedure is, is bound to be specific to the requirements and lab being used… BUT NTSB certified labs (for instance for airport or railroad workers) are supposed to use procedures at least as strict as I encountered.

    With that said… yes you are absolutely correct about everything else.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Ah, good to know- Thanks! Mine was definitely not that stringent.. They basically just watched me enter the bathroom and come back out with my sample. Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get the pat down!

  5. johnsk says:

    So what sexual activities go with being locked up? Teasing, being edged? Spankings? Plugs, other toys?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Hi, John- The quick answer to your question is Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes! All of the above and more! 🙂

      Many of my personal experiences in that realm are well-documented throughout my blog here, which is why I made this list to be specifically non-sexual. Basically just to show how it is definitely possible to still live a very active “normal” life while still locked, since obviously sex isn’t exactly at the top of everybody’s priority list 24x7x365.

      Real life still has to happen most of the time, though staying locked definitely does at least keep sex on the brain more and greatly enhances the sexy play times when it DOES come around!

  6. Bob says:

    I used to have allot of things my Keyholder unlocked me for, but one by one she eliminated them down to just dancing and seeing my doctor. Then dancing got eliminated, then she talked to her female doctor, mine also and found out she stopped checking my prostate digitally and fondling my nuts so now I remain locked all the time.

  7. wazza says:

    I can ride a sports motorcycle. You have to be a little careful with the pinching but it can be done.

  8. Love this list. I am in 24/7 lock down with the Holy Trainer. I see where biking is in your yet to try area. Well, that is my biggest issue right now.
    I am in the process of training for a triathlon. Biking is pretty much impossible with the holy trainer. The seat digs into the base ring around the balls. I am seriously thinking about getting a PA, but I have no idea how to approach that with the wife. Especially since we only started 24/7 chastity at the beginning of the year.
    But you are right. Chastity doesn’t really eliminate many activities. I jog 9 plus miles a week and swim a lot as well. No problems at all thus far!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Good to know, thanks for the feedback! I had wondered about possible issues sitting on a bicycle seat, which is one reason the bikes haven’t been brought out in a couple years or so… other than just being lazy! 🙂

      • I really thought swimming would be the biggest issue. If you stare at my jammers- yes I wear tights swimming, it looks like I have a bit of a hard on. No one has ever said anything about it.
        I have had the balls to hit the sauna as well, but with a washcloth over my device lol.

        • pcguy0681 says:

          Yes, logically one would think that if anything might cause issues with chastity it could be swimming. Especially considering any possible effects of “shrinkage.” But so far that’s been a non-issue in my book!

          • Connor says:

            I’ve ridden a bike while caged. It can be a tough situation bc of the bulge. But there’s something erotic about it and not being able to hide it. Would love to try having a keyholder. Pretty much done self imposed….

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