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I welcome any and all comments / suggestions about my site! Feel free to leave comments on any page.  Any general chastity related questions, discussions, or comments that may not necessarily fit on specific blog posts, can be posted publicly on the Discussion Board.

Private e-mails can be sent to me directly at or by filling out the following form.  I will do my best to respond to any inquiries in a timely manner!

*** Please be aware, that I may or may not always respond directly to any e-mail from the blog, but anything submitted through my comments sections or via this page are always fair game to be quoted and republished in its entirety elsewhere.  Sometimes minor edits may be made to account for obvious grammatical or spelling errors, but will otherwise be quoted exactly verbatim.  So please let me know when submitting a private question if you would prefer to be referred to as any other name than what shows here! (e-mail addresses are never published but if you do have a website listed that may be linked as well.  ***

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