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Locked for Christmas 2019

So I wasn’t let out of my Jail Bird chastity device for all of “Locktober,” and we even hit the full year mark for the first time during that month.

Then came “No-Vember,” and Angel really took to that as well, laughing like a schoolgirl at the wordplay every time she would say that was the reason she wouldn’t let me out THAT month!

Now as pretty much a product of my own doing, she insists that I will be continue locked for Christmas! I say my own doing because of the parody I wrote for her a few years back to the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” only instead making the words say “I’ll Be LOCKED For Christmas!” (follow link there for full lyrics).

That was about 5 years ago now that I came up with those lyrics, and 4 years since I paid a freelance artist (thank you, Dying Seed!) to sing it and record the audio file for me. My, how time flies! Every Christmas since, that song has been a staple in our bedroom throughout December!

This year, especially being how we’ve already gone over a year anyway, Angel has decreed that I indeed must remain locked for Christmas again! And then at that point there’s no reason not to wait until at least the New Year, meaning I’ll have gone ALL of 2019 in complete 24×7 chastity!

As anyone who has been locked for very long at all would know, your locked state is pretty much always at the top of your mind, even when busy vanilla life inevitably takes priority over anything sexual. But especially with Angel continuously teasing me about being locked longer and longer, and letting me help HER get off so many times in the process.. I really can’t stop thinking about chastity lately! And Christmas… And the possibility of (maybe??) actually getting to come out sometime after the new year.

Anyway I decided that our favorite Christmas song could use an upgrade, and I was eventually able to kick my creative juices back into gear to create my first video!

I’d have to call this NSFW, but I do hope you can find a couple minutes sometime to enjoy it!

I played this for Angel on my phone one night last weekend, right after I had put the finishing touches on it. She absolutely LOVED it, as evidenced by how much she was dripping throughout!

Now, this is almost a nightly ritual. I play the video and sing along while Angel is treated to at least a couple of very powerful orgasms with either my fingers or her Magic Wand. And I remain blissfully chaste and extremely horny, still straining against the inside of the cage until at least 2020! I am such a lucky man! 🙂

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