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EmlaLock Update

This weekend I hit 230 days on my EmlaLock session which started back on the 1st day of “Locktober” 2018! I HAVE been locked basically continuously since that time, with the exception of two very brief outings part way through that month while Angel and I were at Sybaris, but then the keys truly have been locked away and out of reach ever since then.

I don’t know exactly how much time is left, other than the session should end sometime before my birthday in June. Then it will be up to Angel again to determine exactly when I will be released. The remaining time has been on “Very Hot” for several days now so it should be any time now!

Over 7 months now, I am definitely in personal record territory at this point for continuous time locked, and still loving every minute of it!

In other EmlaLock related news, if any of you are familiar at all with the site you may be aware of how a “wearer” can start a session then offer the session out to any random “holder” to pick up. Most of the time there aren’t any active sessions in the queue, so to speak, but last week I found one and decided kind of on a whim to try my hand at key-holding as well!

I won’t get into any sort of personal information about my wearer, but the whole experience only lasted about a day, anyway. It started off well enough: we exchanged a couple of messages back and forth so I could find out about what his limits might be as far as how long he could be locked, etc. I made a couple minor adjustments to his session settings to what I felt would be more beneficial, and made sure to communicate all of that with him as well. The initial response was since I was the key-holder it was well within my right to make those changes! 🙂

I have to say, it was a new kind of “Thrill” having a bit of control over another person’s chastity duration. Being locked at the same time myself, my cage was very noticeably tighter during all of our interactions! But then the communication really just kind of dropped off, as I was hoping to hear a little more about his past experiences in chastity or even what kind of device he was wearing. Maybe I was just asking too many questions, I don’t know. Originally it seemed we could go for about 7 days max, but he ended up terminating the session himself after 1 day with no explanation why. Oh well, guess that one just wasn’t meant to be! 🙂

I AM interested in doing more of that (key-holding) sometime, but I do like to be fairly interactive with people so I hope next time I get a wearer who feels the same! I guess I’ll just throw it out there, if anyone reading this uses EmlaLock and is interested in having me virtually hold your keys, feel free to hit me up via my Contact Page or even just “offer” your session to me (pcguy0681) directly from EmlaLock site. If this results in TOO many requests I may have to turn some down, so please don’t be offended if that happens to you!

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