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Hello, everybody! I know I’ve been very absent for a few months now from my blog and the interwebs in general. But I AM okay, and still alive! I’ve actually had several folks contact me at various times either from my contact page or via FetLife to check up on me and make sure everything’s ok. That’s much appreciated, but no worries- there’s just been way too much “real life” going on so my writing has kind of had to take a back seat to that for a while.

That is not to say that chastity hasn’t still been a very big part of our real lives! In fact, I am still locked and have not been out of my Jail Bird for one single minute since way back in October when I wrote about our little getaway to Sybaris! It has been over 6 months so far for this cycle. I’m not sure if it’s quite my longest lockup yet, but very close. And I’m pretty sure it will be by the time Emlalock releases me this time around!

I do still have a handful of e-mails in my box with some chastity related questions that I haven’t gotten around to answering yet. I DO plan on getting back to those, and greatly apologize for the delay. If you’ve sent something recently and NOT heard back from me, feel free to resubmit and I’ll try to answer even quicker this time. Most likely in the form of a new blog post but I will also try to answer back via email as well when possible.

Now, I do have to admit that the particular timing of my jumping back into the blogosphere is not entirely coincidental! Over the next couple of weeks, I will be having at least a couple of experiences in chastity that I know I will really want to write about. Partly for my own sake, continuing to document my “chaste adventures” so I can look back later and relive the best moments in my head. But also for the readers of my blog, who have still been coming in droves even when it’s been a few months since I’ve posted any new content!  (Thank you for that too, by the way!)

As I read other’s blogs, and keep up the best I can on various other chastity related forums, there are a few questions that come up pretty often. Usually they are asked and answered several times over, but when another “newbie” comes into the scene and has very similar questions, sometimes it’s just easier to ask for yourself than to search back through dozens if not hundreds of previous posts to find the answers you’re looking for. I get it. Some “seasoned chastity vets” may get a little irritated and snippy with these guys sometimes, telling them to go search for themselves. But while I don’t always engage on those types of threads, I don’t mind offering a little advice from my perspective whenever I have the time.

But there’s one question in particular that I’ve never had a real personal experience to relate to, so I’ve never really been able to jump in with an answer for. I’ve skirted it several times, both here on my blog as well as other forums, but never a direct “here’s my story around that, your mileage may vary” type of response.  Unless something drastically falls through, that should change soon and I’ll have a real answer for folks with this question!

Please don’t be hating on me for the teaser, but I’m not going to share today what that question is! I may or may not even share it until AFTER I’ve had the experience and write about it in full detail! Can you guess what it is? Don’t expect me to confirm or deny anything, but feel free to leave comments below with your guesses! 🙂

It feels good to be back. Just sitting here at my keyboard writing this short piece is already unlocking parts of my brain that feel like they’ve been cooped up for far too long, and there are probably enough thoughts already flowing to fill 2-3 more posts!

Until next time…

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