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Vacation Priorities

We just returned from a family vacation to the Northeast United States, a good 1200 miles from home! We drove there, so this made for quite a long road trip with two young boys plus all of our in-laws (Angel and I each only have one parent still living). I think spending that much time in a car together can test the patience of ANY family, but overall it really was a pretty fun trip and hopefully something the boys will remember fondly in the years to come!

One big thing that struck me on this trip that I wanted to write about here, was how Angel’s mindset towards chastity has evolved over time without her even realizing it! In years past when we would leave for a vacation, no matter how long I’d been locked ahead of time she has always been very mindful to pack the keys to my chastity device, “just in case she might decide to use them!” And usually, she does. Even if it’s only late one night while everyone else is sleeping in other rooms, she’ll want to let me out for a quickie then often lock me right back up again for the remainder of our trip.

For this vacation, we were leaving town shortly after I got home from work on a Thursday evening. My mother was already at our house waiting to load luggage into the van when we had it ready. As we were gathering the last few odds and ends from our bedroom, Angel asked if I’d get her Magic Wand from underneath my side of the bed. I did, concealing it inside of another small bag that we could stuff into the suitcase unnoticed. And with that, we were off.

A couple of days after arriving at our destination, we finally had enough alone time to dig out her wand and have a bit of sexy fun! I’m always MORE than happy to give Angel as many orgasms as she can handle with her toy, and maybe even squeeze out one or two more on top of that! While bringing her over the top time and time again while staying right on the edge myself, it suddenly occured to me that Angel had never once even mentioned my keys while we were packing. So I asked her if she had brought them.

She didn’t. Hadn’t even thought about it! But now that I mentioned it, she REALLY wished she had them so she could feel me inside of her! The thought of the keys being 1200 miles away where NEITHER of us could do anything about the desire to have me out, immediately made the cage feel about 10 times tighter, if that’s even possible!

I teased Angel that she must have done that on purpose, as she definitely made it a priority to pack her magic wand! It’s like she really doesn’t “need” me anymore, as the wand can get her off far more than my dick anyway! That made her feel kind of bad about forgetting the keys, and she insisted that she DOES still need to feel me–at least once in a while.

Though I still had to get in a few more fun jabs about it from time to time, truth be told I found it absolutely HOT to think that Angel was now at a point where she could exert her dominance over me even subconsciously! I told her that, and it helped ease her mind that I wasn’t upset at all to have been “forgotten about.” For the rest of that night and a couple other times when we had chances to play through the rest of the week, we definitely hyped up the fact that I was only there to help HER orgasm as mine wasn’t going to happen no matter how much either of us wanted it!

Chastity has become such an integral part of our lifestyle over the past few years that I can hardly imagine ever going back to NOT being regularly locked and having all of my orgasms completely under Angel’s control!

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