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Taking a “Binding” Chance

This will be short and sweet (I think) and possibly leave some unfinished thoughts hanging out there, which isn’t usually my style of blogging.  But here goes.

Through some wonderful folks I know through a local Munch that I attend as often as possible, I’m aware of some “Rope Bondage” classes that happen monthly in my city.  I’ve been wanting to try one of these for quite a while but besides normally just being busy with other family things on Saturday afternoons, it has always been a tricky conversation to bring up to Angel.  As I’ve written about before, she is always very open about trying anything between just the two of us behind closed doors at home, but being “out there” in a public venue in a situation regarding any kind of kink, is very far outside of her comfort zone.

I did bring it up to her for the first time last October, and tried to go to an “Intro to Rope Bondage” workshop back then, but she was clearly not really OK with me doing that plus we ended up with something else going on then too, so I dropped it.  The Intro class is only offered once every few months, and I missed January as well but it is being held again this afternoon.  I’ve been talking to Angel about it different times this whole week to feel her out and see if there was any chance I could possibly attend this time.

She’s still not really sure, and says it just “feels weird” to “send” me to something like that…  I would MUCH rather have her right by my side at the event, but I know that’s not going to happen so I haven’t even tried that one.  I asked if she was worried that I may end up cheating on her with someone from there or something like that?  She said it’s not really that, it’s just…  “weird…”  I don’t really know how to respond to that to try and alleviate any of her fears!

I’ve told Angel that I’m absolutely NOT going to be doing anything with anyone else — she is definitely the only person I want in that regard!  I just think something like this could be fun and interesting to try out at least once, and maybe pick up a trick or two that I could bring back and show HER in the bedroom tonight!  Plus, as she knows well, I am definitely not always really the best in new social situations either.  So this is really kind of pushing me outside of my own comfort zone a bit as well!

On a hunch, I went ahead and RSVP’d to the event earlier this week so I could at least secure my invite..  Finally this morning, Angel did (very hesitantly) tell me that I can go.  She obviously still has some deep reservations about it but has given her blessing, at least on the surface.  I asked if she was sure?  Is she going to be sitting at home angry and upset with me for doing this?  She admitted that no she’s not really SURE, but said she couldn’t really be “mad” at me since she was telling me that I could go ahead and go…

I really want to try this…  I’d love to be able to come home and tell Angel how fun it was and maybe show her some of the new things I’ve learned, while reassuring her that this kind of “sexy time” is still only between US.  It just helps to learn some different techniques like that from others who are far more experienced rather than just plodding around blindly hoping to eventually figure it out!

I just hope Angel does still see it as fun & games in the bedroom tonight and that I don’t pay a steep price in “relationship points” later…  Ahh, nothing in life ever has an easy answer!!

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