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Getting a discussion group started on FetLife has already been well worth it!  Thank you so much to everybody who has joined already, and I look forward to hosting even more in that forum!

There has already been one early thread on Fet with something I’d never seen before and I couldn’t resist sharing on the blog!

Thank you very much furcissy for the link to this video!  A VERY young looking John Stewart hosting the Daily Show on Comedy Central, has one of his correspondents interview the inventors of the CB-2000; possibly the first ever mass-marketed male chastity device.  It’s well worth a few minutes of your time to watch!

I can’t remember for sure, but I may have actually had a CB-2000 back in the day!  Except I believe they had refined it slightly so that it had a hinge at the bottom of the base ring to make it easier to get on…  Easier yes, but a TERRIBLE idea overall as the hinge just made a constant, painful pinch point!

Wow,  chastity devices have sure come a long ways since that early release.  But you know, without that one being produced nobody would have ever known just how much demand there would be for this type of product, setting the stage for multiple vendors and lots more R&D! While some kinky things like light bondage, spanking, etc. have almost become somewhat mainstream over the years, I’m not aware of any other reference (besides this one) to male chastity devices in pop culture..  If anybody else is aware of any, I’d love to see more clips!  🙂

I know the whole point of this bit was to poke fun at the concept of male chastity, but I do tend to agree with the very last thing that Mr. Miller said about it being the “greatest gift a man can give to his wife!”

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