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Three Years of Chaste Thrills!

It has been three years to the day since I began writing about my chastity experiences here on Thrill Of The Chaste! I still give that credit to you, my regular readers, for continuing to come back to keep me engaged and make it fun to keep telling my story as it unfolds. So THANK YOU!

That being said, I do realize that I’ve been a bit absent lately and haven’t had much new content for the past couple of months or so. I apologize for that, as life does just kind of get in the way sometimes and that’s definitely what we’ve been running into lately. But through it all I am still locked! Over 90 days so far for this session and still counting. I’ve been locked continuously (not so much as a short “quick release” session) since our Disney vacation back in July, and I have no idea how long Angel might decide to go this time around!

2017 is sure to set a personal record for most days in a locked state, and this past month also marked the first time ever that I haven’t been let out to play at some point through Angel’s birthday and our anniversary (which are only about 1 1/2 weeks apart from each other). Angel has really been taking this key-holder role much more seriously lately than when we started out on this journey, and she thoroughly enjoys denying me. Which of course just makes ME enjoy it that much more as well; a win-win for both of us!

I do have a couple kind of fun things in the pipeline which I should be able to write about soon, and also a few reader questions that have been sitting in my inbox for a little bit so I will get those answered as well. So stay tuned!

Also, if you all have anything at all that you’d like to discuss or ask questions about (chastity or even any other fetish related topics) feel free to drop me a note!

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