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Review of Mature Metal Jail Bird

I have been wanting for a while to write up a good review of my “Jail Bird” chastity device now that I’ve been wearing it for some time, so here it is!  I’m going to at least try to make this somewhat of a shortened version though.  I know that I’ve written before, and I will still maintain that among Mature Metal’s devices, the Jail Bird and Queen’s Keep are VERY similar in terms of form, function, comfort, etc.  So probably 99% of what I wrote in my Queen’s Keep review will still apply to this device.  That can be viewed HERE.  Instead of repeating much of that information, I will instead try to focus on the differences that I made in the new order and how that’s been working out for me, much of which would have been the same had I been ordering a new Queen’s Keep as well!

The only real difference that I can see between the Queen’s Keep and the Jail Bird is that the QK has an extra wide bar at the very base of the cage portion.  It’s pretty much all about aesthetics, and personally I kind of prefer the look of the QK, at least for longer cages.  However, when you get too short, then suddenly you have the center ring of the cage welded directly to that wider bottom bar, and personally I don’t care for that look as much.  I prefer to keep at least a little bit of space between the bottom and center bars for hygiene purposes if nothing else!  So once I realized that I needed to go almost as small as possible on these cages, it was an easy jump to the Jail Bird instead.

Queen’s Keep at shortest size (bottom and center ring welded together)

Jail Bird with double base ring

The key to a comfortable chastity device is definitely SIZE, SIZE, SIZE!  The stock, off-the-shelf options are fantastic for dabbling in chastity to see if you like it, and start to get a good feel of what size is needed for your specific body, but when it comes down to long term lockups (in my opinion) you just absolutely cannot go wrong with getting a custom fit device!  And that is much easier said than done.  No matter how much you measure, chances are the first attempt will still be a little bit off.  At least it was for me.  My Queen’s Keep was very close to perfect, and was definitely the most comfortable device I had worn, but I sent it back a few times for minor adjustments and still never could get it quite right.

Mature Metal will tell you, that both the internal diameter and the length of the cage should be small enough to hug you close (as in–touching the skin all the way around) when COMPLETELY flaccid.  I always knew that the length was important, but never put as much stock into making sure that the internal diameter was right.  I mean, what would it hurt if it was just slightly too wide?  I may get a little bit thicker inside the cage, but if the length was right then I still wouldn’t be getting very hard, right?  I figured it would be more of a shame to go the other way and end up with a cage that was so narrow that I couldn’t even get myself inside of it at all!  But boy was I wrong..  The internal diameter is actually kind of difficult to measure anyway, so the only way I knew for sure that mine was too large was when I would be sitting on the toilet or something, with sex as far from my mind as possible, and I could see how much extra space there was when I was truly completely soft and somewhat shriveled up… At that point it would have been fairly easy to pull myself all the way out of the back of the cage if I really wanted to.  Not that I’d have ever been able to get myself back INTO the cage without unlocking it first!

With my Jail Bird, I cut the internal diameter down only by 1/8″, but it really does make a huge difference!  Now the cage does touch skin all the way around, 100% of the time.  Even when I’ve been sick (and therefore sex is truly very far from my mind!) I have never noticed any extra space whatsoever around the edges.  I think this also helps quite a bit with security.  I can’t say for sure that it would be impossible now to pull myself out of the back of the cage, but it would be very difficult!  Certainly much more difficult than when I had lots of extra breathing room inside the cage!

The length was actually a little bit trickier to order on this one too, and I think that the cage length and gap size kind of have to go hand-in-hand.  With my Queen’s Keep, I once had the cage shortened from 1-3/4″ down to 1-1/4″, not changing the gap size at all between those two.  Unfortunately I found that I went from the cage being too long, to actually being too short on that one!  And by too short, what ended up happening was that a lot of excess skin from my penis just kind of came out the back and started wrapping around the bottom of the cage since it really had nowhere else to go…That was not the most comfortable experience, and I think kind of started causing a few extra sores and stuff to start popping up.  So to be safe on this one, I ended up ordering my Jail Bird with a 1-1/2″ length.  That’s actually pretty much perfect I think, except that it seems the gap on this device is slightly larger than I had on my Queen’s Keep.  Of course the wider the gap is, it will simply push the cage that much further down the penis, so I do often have a very slight space at the end of the cage (maybe about 1/8″-1/4″).  Some day, I may try to send this back to have the gap reduced by that amount so see if that solves it, but it really hasn’t been a huge issue for me at this point!

Finally, the last improvement I made with my Jail Bird order vs. my Queen’s Keep was that I ordered it with a double-wide base ring!  That has been VERY nice, for a couple of reasons.  One is that there were at least a few times where I felt that the thin single ring kind of dug into my skin a bit when I would be “trying” to get hard and the cage would start pulling away a little bit.  Now with the increased surface area for the ring to hold on to, I have not noticed that problem at all!

The second reason it has been nice is that I am kind of between sizes of base ring.  With my Queen’s Keep I had both a 1-3/4″ and 1-5/8″ ring.  The 1-3/4″ worked ok, but always felt like it might be just a smidge too loose.  However, when I would go down to the 1-5/8″ ring I could never even make it through a full day with that one before I had to take it off for being too tight.  A 1-3/4″ double ring seems to provide a fit kind of half way between those two.  I don’t know if this is scientifically accurate, but from my observations here is why I think that is the case..  A single ring will sit right at the base of the balls, and once the cage is locked on it can’t really move from that position so whatever the diameter is of that particular spot on your body is the size of base ring that you would need.  Now, when two rings are welded together, the “front ring” still goes all the way down to the exact same place at the base of the balls.  But the “back ring” will be just slightly higher on your body (only by the thickness of the ring itself, but even fractions of an inch make a big difference here!)  If you think about it, your pubic region kind of slopes in from all sides (almost cone-shaped) until it gets to the testicles which expand back outward again.  Coming backwards (down the cone), now the 1-3/4″ ring in the back is on a wider portion of your body, and in my case it fits perfectly in that spot!  The front ring probably has a little extra space underneath it, but that’s nothing I’ll ever notice because the back ring is snug and the front ring is trapped against my balls.  So what I’m trying to say is that getting a double base ring is a good way to go incrementally smaller, without actually reducing by a full ring size!  Again that may not be completely scientific, but it works for me! 🙂

Now that I have made those changes, my current Jail Bird device is as near perfect as I think I can get right now (short of maybe reducing that gap size some day!)  Since its arrival, I have been wearing it now for over 5 months straight through, with only maybe 3-4 very brief stints of being unlocked for less than 20 minutes each time–when Angel felt like using “her dick.”  But it is easy to keep clean, I can generally use a urinal to pee with no issues, and I see absolutely no reason that it would ever NEED to come off except at Angel’s whim!

I still HIGHLY recommend Mature Metal for custom chastity devices, whether you choose a Jail Bird, Queen’s Keep, or any of their other options!  Their customer service is impeccable, as is the quality of their products!  And even if you have to keep playing around with the sizing, once you get it just right these things can truly become such a part of you that you may not ever WANT to take it off again!

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