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Twas A Domme Good Christmas!

Wow, can I just say: This has been one of the more fun & rewarding Christmas seasons that I can ever remember!  Of course, our boys are at just the right age where they are really into everything, so that is always a blast to watch them. But Angel and I have also been able to have even more of our own fun behind closed doors, every day lately!  Honestly I can’t even remember the last day that we DIDN’T either wake up and/or go to bed with some play time, and with SO many orgasms for Angel!  I’m sure it’s been every day for at least the better part of the past two weeks now, and I see no reason that this streak might break at least until we get into the new year!

Some of the most fun yet, has been just the past couple of nights, starting on Christmas Eve.  We knew we’d have to be getting up early with the boys the next day to see what Santa brought for them, but Angel was all for having some fun of our own the night before!  I had thought she’d be too tired that night since we were already up past midnight finishing up the last bit of wrapping, etc.  But when I realized she wasn’t I had a little early gift for her.  First I sent her off to change into a fun new piece of lingerie I’d picked up for her.  She had asked for something rather “slutty” for christmas, so when she came back in her red lace outfit decked out with bits of white fur along the neckline and of course crotchless panties, I could tell by the look on her face that she was really going to love being my slutty little Mrs. Clause for the evening!  For myself, I had pulled on a new pair of green velvet underwear complete with a red ribbon tied into a bow right at the tip of my cage.  A nice little “present” for Angel to unwrap later if she so desired!

It wasn’t long at all before we were very busy with my fingers, tongue, and of course her magic wand.  When she got up onto her knees for more wand fun, she asked if we could go ahead and use a plug in her ass too, which I was more than happy to oblige!  Of course, with her plugged she wanted to see me with one too and I’m not one to refuse that request either..  Once fully plugged, I rolled Angel back over to her back and brought out a second little present I’d picked up for her in the form of a Christmas themed bedroom bondage kit!

I secured her hands and feet to the corners of the bed with some red and white furry “santa” cuffs which were actually quite strong–much better than I had imagined when I picked up that kit!  The red under-the-bed straps were pretty nice too.  I had gone ahead and set that up ahead of time to try them out when we had a chance.  While it may not be quite as effective as the tethers that I already have somewhat permanantly mounted to our bedposts, I can definitely see this being something that we could possibly take on vacations and such!  Then we completed the ensemble with a red blindfold with the word “Naughty” written across the front..  Again probably not quite as effective as other things we already own, but it was a fun set to play with none-the-less!  Now I could really get down to business with her wand, and when she’d had enough of that there was no way to stop me from going down and cleaning everything up with my tongue–leading to yet ANOTHER orgasm for her as she pulled against her restraints!

Christmas itself was of course a whirlwind of a day seeing all of our family, and having lots of fun with the boys and all of their new toys.  But that night, of course we couldn’t go to bed without Angel riding her wand to at least one big orgasm on top of me!  But the next day (the 26th) is when we REALLY got to step things up another notch!  The boys actually stayed with their grandpa for the night, so we had the house completely free.  Angel came to bed wearing a soft, sexy silk robe that “Santa” had given her for christmas along with another piece of lingerie (That dirty Santa… leaving things like that under the tree right next to children’s gifts! Lol)  I quickly found that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath the robe!  We started off with Angel on top of me again, riding her wand to orgasm while her robe draped over us both, giving me easy access to suck on some exposed nipples!  Then she got off and motioned for me to go behind her for some more doggy-style action.  As she worked up to yet another orgasm I began smacking that nice ass that she was presenting to me.  The more I did the more positively she seemed to respond!  Yes, we’ve play-spanked many times before, even with paddles, crops, etc. but when I’m doing it to her she’s usually ready for me to stop long before there are very many marks.  This time as I began smacking harder and harder there were some very nice hand prints being left on her skin and she seemed to want it more and more!

When she was finally done with that stage, Angel asked me to get on my knees next to the bed and lick her to another orgasm.  As I happily complied I told her how hot it was to see the marks that she let me leave on her ass that time, and asked if (when we were finished with this next part) she would consider leaving some on me as well.  Her response was that yes, she would absolutely “play” my mistress that night!  So after keeping my end of the bargain, Angel pulled me back up onto the bed and had me kneel in front of her, facing the headboard.  She began lightly smacking my ass with her hand, then pulled out the crop and began using that instead.  Harder and harder, as she really started getting into a rythm!  Then came something a little more unexpected, as she wasn’t quite finished with her own orgasms yet either.  Angel propped up her magic wand between my lower legs, and began to ride it while she continued smacking my ass with the crop.  As her orgasm continued to build, every new hit was even harder than the last.  It hurt, to be sure.  But the more I squirmed or screamed out into my pillow, seemed to only drive Angel even closer to her biggest orgasm of the night, and the sting of the crop just became even MORE intense!  Finally she exploded and collapsed on top of me, both of us being completely spent.  Angel has spanked and whipped my ass many times before, but I think that was the first time that she totally got herself off on doing it!

I was in somewhat of a daze as I told Angel that if that was just “playing” mistress, I’d love to see what it looked like for real!  She seems to be becoming a rather natural Domme!  The only thing that could have possibly made that last session a little better would have been a gag to bite down on to help manage a bit of the pain.  I ended up using my pillow for some of that but something a little more firm might have been good.  Neither of us ever could have dreamed when we got married that this kind of thing would eventually become “normal” sex for us, but with me still locked in chastity Angel has been discovering more and more ways to get herself off which do NOT include her dick!  And I am still just loving every minute of it, as her pleasure and mine are just completely intertwined!

The next morning (oh wait, that’s today!) we woke up knowing that I, for one, had to go back to work.  Angel is still off for the whole week between Christmas and New Years, so that’s very nice for her!  But of course, since we still had an empty house and no chance of a 5 year old coming down and climbing into bed with us, I couldn’t leave for work without giving Angel one more treat!  I gave her another orgasm with her wand, then went down to clean her up with my tongue.  (Can we say best breakfast ever?! 🙂  )  Knowing how much I had enjoyed our play last night, Angel asked if I wanted her to try riding her wand while smacking my ass some more.  OF COURSE I could never say no to that!  She had to run to the bathroom first though, so while she was gone I took it upon myself to prepare for her by stuffing a ball gag in my mouth and cuffing my hands to the bed in front of me.  Angel was very pleased to come back and find me in that position and quickly got to work on my ass, again completely getting herself off on her wand while doing it.  It really did seem to help having something to bite down on and even being able to struggle a bit against the cuffs & tethers that were holding me to the bed.  By the time she stopped I was actually wanting her to swing the crop even harder, but still I knew that I’d be feeling this one for a good while at work today!

Once she freed me from the restraints, it was really starting to get a little late so unfortunately I did have to get up to get ready for work.  But before walking out the door I came back into the bedroom to find Angel still sprawled out on the bed, completely naked.  I sat down next to her, giving her ass one last little nibble, and a series of kisses all the way down her legs to her feet.  I told her “Goodbye Mistress,” and think I fell in love with her all over again with that gorgeous smile that came across her face with those words!

Yes, even as I write this I can still feel a few of the little welts that Angel left on my ass this morning and last night, and it feels SO GOOD!  Angel really has made this a “Domme Good Christmas,” and I sure do hope to get to explore MUCH more of that side of her throughout the coming year and beyond!

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