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Munch with Friends

Who needs ‘Words with Friends’ when you can go to a kinky Munch with Friends?!  As I’ve written about a couple times previously, I have been trying to get a little more involved in the local kink community this year through various munches, etc.  It’s not something that I’ve been able to make it to EVERY month, but I do what I can to get there as often as possible, and Angel is aware of them now as well.

Last night was the scheduled day for the local munch that I normally try to attend, and I had already cleared things through Angel and planned on heading out there for a little while.  But then in a somewhat surprising turn of events, yesterday afternoon Angel sent me a text out of the blue asking if there was any chance of getting a sitter that night if she should happen to decide to go WITH me!  I know I must have done quite a double-take and had to reread the text a couple of times to make sure I was understanding her right, but I was very excited at that prospect!  I’ve always said that the only thing that might make these things better would be if Angel was there to share it with, but I won’t force that kind of thing on her if she’s not comfortable with it or ready to meet like-minded people out in public like that.

But as it turns out there was far more to this story as well!

Angel had gone to a Happy Hour herself right after work that day, and apparently one of her good friends/co-workers came in to that one and started talking about some “S&M thing” that she and her boyfriend were going to that evening.  She even named the venue, which made Angel immediately realize that it was the same place that I was going that night!  And so the ice was broken, and the two of them ended up having a nice little conversation about it.  Now I DO know this lady; we’ve met numerous times at Angel’s work events, office Christmas parties, etc.  While it wasn’t really surprising at all that SHE would be somewhat “into” this type of thing and very excited and open about what she was doing that night, I think she was probably more surprised and saw a whole new side of Angel and I that she never would have known about prior to that!  Angel did say that her friend was very non-judgmental (as is pretty much anyone I’ve ever met in this lifestyle!) and it was easy enough to talk to her about some things like that once it was out in the open..

It was our friend’s first time attending a Munch as well, and she actually encouraged Angel to give it a try, which is what prompted the original text.  Fortunately we WERE able to scrounge up a baby-sitter on short notice for a few hours, so it was a go!  We couldn’t make it there right at the start, but we weren’t too late arriving.  Angel’s friends were already there, having some dinner at the bar off to the side.  We joined them for a bit and of course her friend had all kinds of questions for ME about how things worked around there, since apparently now I’m “experienced!” It turned out not to be what SHE was initially expecting at all, and I confirmed what she’d already started to figure out: That this wasn’t really a big “S&M Party” per se, but really more of a gathering at a “vanilla” venue where the average passer-by would never even have a clue that it was any more than a normal after-work happy hour going on in the bar.  She had rather expected to see people in more fetish-type attire, maybe being led around on a leash, or whatever [insert kinky stereotype here].  That’s not to say that there aren’t OTHER times & places where many of these same folks might engage in plenty of that kind of thing, but they would be more private events, so she would at least have to go through a process of acquiring an invitation, etc.  I know I could have at least pointed her in the right direction of some people to start talking to about that, but she really wasn’t quite ready to go to that length yet either so we let it drop.

We all had a good time visiting and people watching, and I did get up for a little bit to go say hi and chat with a couple folks I knew from the munch, but unfortunately none of the people that I normally hang out with the most, whom I had been the most excited about FINALLY getting to introduce to Angel, made it that night.  In fact it seemed like a much smaller crowd than usual overall.  That’s understandable I suppose, being right before Christmas.  Everybody still has normal lives, and family to take care of and spend time with!  We didn’t stay particularly long, just enough for a couple of drinks.  I was very glad that Angel was there though, so I did at least have somebody to sit with. Honestly that particular night I may very well have even left early if I had been there by myself!  Although if I had been, I may have been a little more inclined to also go introduce myself to at least a couple of other “single” people that I saw kind of floating around nervously by themselves..  This may well have been THEIR first munch too, and there wasn’t really anybody this time going around and welcoming the “newbies.”  So hopefully they enjoyed themselves as well, and got at least a little something from the munch.

Overall, the whole evening probably didn’t turn out exactly like any of us expected it to.  Angel was afraid she “disappointed” me by not walking around with me and meeting other people, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I was THRILLED that she at least took a small step to join me out there, even if it was only by the prodding of her friend.  And who knows, this could even lead to a whole new level of “trust” between Angel and her friend, now both knowing something just a little bit deeper about each other.  Maybe now Angel will at least have one other person besides me that she can talk to from time to time about some of the slightly more “taboo” things that she enjoys.  Maybe it could eventually lead to going to even MORE munches, or even other events??  Everything is more fun to do with good friends, right?  Of course getting out into the community and talking to people is the best way to make even MORE good friends, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to share these kinds of adventures with someone else you already know and trust from the beginning.  Here’s to hopefully many more adventures to come!

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