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Angel’s Birthday Bash

Angel’s birthday fell over this past weekend and we were certainly able to have some fun with it!  After the last time I was out of the Queen’s Keep (about a month ago) Angel had decided that I would definitely stay locked until at least her birthday, but at that point she would probably want to have me out.

We ended up being pretty booked up for most of the day on Saturday but fortunately we were able to find an overnight sitter for the kids that night, which meant that we would be able to REALLY have some fun!  First we did meet up with a couple of friends to celebrate Angel’s birthday over dinner, which turned into another stop at a “chocolate bar” for dessert, and it was actually well after midnight before we arrived back at our house for some alone time.  At that point it wasn’t long at all before we were in bed ready to get started!

I asked Angel if she was ready for her birthday spanking since that has become somewhat of a tradition for us, and suggested that we do this one standing up now that we have a good place in the basement to make that happen!  She readily allowed me to slip a blindfold over her eyes and lead her downstairs where I once again secured her arms up over her head so she would be powerless to stop what was about to come her way.  Since there was such easy access at that point, there were a couple of other things to do before we could proceed with the spanking!

First I tried this new harness I’d picked up that could hold the magic wand.  We had experimented with a different one quite a while back with little success, but this one did seem like it should adjust a lot easier.  Plus in a standing position it was easier to pull it tight against Angel’s body where she couldn’t really get away from it!  It still took a bit of fumbling around, but eventually the wand was there buzzing away completely hands free, and when it wasn’t driving Angel directly to an orgasm it was always there to lightly tease her and keep her on the edge for me!

Next, I really wanted Angel to be able to see for herself everything that was going on.  She gets rather turned on sometimes when she can see us in action via the dresser mirror across the bedroom.  There was no mirror available at the moment, but since we were utilizing the “exercise area” of the basement with a TV mounted to the wall where she was facing, I was able to do the next best thing!  I was able to connect my phone to the TV and prop it up in such a way that anything coming into the camera viewfinder would show up directly on the larger screen!  Unfortunatley, just being in camera mode the phone would lock itself after a short time if no pictures were actually being taken, which meant that the only way to keep it on was to shoot a video and actually keep it recording!  I set this up then removed Angel’s blindfold so she could see herself on the TV.  She was a little concerned at first about having a video taken, but once I promised that it would be deleted she started to really enjoy the show!

Now that the stage was set I brought out the flogger and began to lightly start warming up Angel’s ass.  Her eyes were pretty much fixated on the screen the whole time.  She was as usual a little self-conscious about certain parts of her body that she’s not the most proud of (no matter how much I tell her how beautiful she is!) but she did mention several times that her boobs DO look “damn good!”  I definitely agree with that, but then, Angel truly is perfect in every way to me!  Once her ass looked like it was good and ready, I brought out the paddle and had Angel count with me as I administered her spanking.  Of course some strokes were harder than others, which made her flinch sometimes but she took it like a champ!
Once that was done I grabbed the magic wand dangling between Angel’s legs and made sure it hit home to give her at least one massive orgasm.  As she became very weak in the legs it was a good thing that we had her wrists fastened to a very secure beam for her to be able to swing from temporarily!  At this point Angel’s arms were getting rather tired so I gently helped her down into a chair.  There I could kneel in front of her and give her even more orgasms with my tongue while she took control of the flogger, landing several lashes on my back and ass as I continued going down on her.  This was the second time this month that we’ve played this way, and it was just as hot as the first time!

Once Angel was satisfied with that, we turned off the camera and took the party back upstairs.  She let me give her several more orgasms with a combination of the wand and my tongue, but then it was so late and we were both so exhausted that we ended up falling asleep and nothing more was said about a possible release for me.

The next morning we woke up fairly early and still horny (or in Angel’s case, horny AGAIN!) She wanted to ride her magic wand on top of me again, which I am always more than willing to do with her!  After a couple more explosive orgasms, Angel rolled off of me and reached into her nightstand drawer, grabbing the keys to my cage.  She slipped them into my hand without a word, but I knew exactly what she wanted so the Queen’s Keep was off in under a minute!  As she pulled me close on top of her, I asked if she was sure she wanted me to come inside her right then.  She responded that YES, she definitely wanted HER dick, and she was going to get it!
(Unfortunately) with those words and all of the excitement leading up to that moment there was no way I was going to last very long, and I didn’t.  It was pretty much expected, though Angel still seemed just slightly disappointed that it didn’t go just a little bit longer.  Still, even as much fun as we have with Angel taking control and having orgasm after orgasm while I remain locked and denied, there is not much better for either of us than me being inside her.  No underwear or metal cage between us; just her and I together, even if only for a very brief time.

That was this past Sunday, and so far I am still unlocked today (3 days later).  Angel hasn’t specifically asked me to lock back up yet, nor have I taken it upon myself to do so.  I’m sure it will be soon though, and the next lockup period could be for a rather extended time, much like we did at the end of last year!  With any luck, my new device (Jailbird) will arrive soon and will fit well.  I do look forward to trying that one out as well!

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