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Chastity Underwear: Poll Results

I’ve gotten 236 responses so far to my poll about what kind of underwear people prefer to wear while in a chastity device.  I think that’s a pretty good sampling of my readers, so I wanted to go ahead and share the results.  Anybody who has NOT yet voted in this poll, please feel free to do so anytime, HERE.

First off, there were 17 folks who responded that they are never actually locked in chastity, so this question doesn’t really apply to them.  If that’s you, I wanted to say a special thank you for reading my blog and participating in my poll anyway!  I’m glad to hear that you find my writing interesting enough, even though the topic isn’t something that you even participate in!  Although I suppose I may be getting ahead of myself with that assumption too… It’s very possible (likely, even) that I have other key-holders who are reading this, and you ARE actively involved in the chastity lifestyle–just not locked up yourself.  But either way, thank you! 🙂

As for what types of underwear people who ARE locked up tend to wear, I found some of the results rather predictable and others were a bit of a surprise to me.  Now let me just clarify another assumption that I’m making here, which is that the vast majority of people reading my blog who ARE locked in a device, are probably men.  That might be a bad assumption, and please don’t be offended if you are a woman locked in a device.  I am only making this assumption based on my own experience as a man being locked up, trying to keep everything clean, etc. and I just can’t really imagine that full female-type chastity belts could really be very sustainable for a long term.  I’ve been wrong before though, so this could just be another one of those times!

[Side Note: If you ARE a woman actually locked in a chastity device, please leave a comment or drop me a note sometime… I’d be very interested to hear if your perspective of chastity resembles mine at all!] 

So again, ASSUMING that the majority of respondants to my poll are men, here are the results:

The first thing I noticed after starting this poll, was that Men’s Briefs and Boxer Briefs got off to an early lead, but were pretty even with each other.  That didn’t surprise me very much, as I wrote previously that for myself I do prefer boxer briefs.  It’s very nice having that extra support, and regular briefs would provide the same thing..

However, it didn’t seem to take very long at all before both of those were outnumbered by people saying that they like to wear Women’s Thongs!  In the end, Women’s Thongs recieved a solid 18% of the vote, as opposed to only 15% each for Men’s Briefs and Boxer Briefs.    The “winner” here DID kind of surprise me a little bit.  In a way, at least.  But in another way I suppose I can see it.  To begin with, I personally can’t see how that kind of underwear would provide much support at all to the weight of a chastity cage around your junk!  Again, maybe it’s just because I haven’t tried it, but I can’t really imagine how that would be very comfortable to wear around for a whole day!

But then, I suppose there’s probably more than just the comfort factor in play here.  Many men in chastity probably just enjoy taking their play to an even deeper level of “feminization,” whether it has to do with humiliation, or maybe you just like the way women’s clothes feel better than men’s!  Heck, I’ve done it…  I’m definitely not beyond pulling on some of Angel’s lingerie, stockings, etc. once in a while.  I’ve done it before when Angel is traveling somewhere without me, and even slept in them because it just made me feel a little bit closer to her.  I’ve also done it when she’s home, as it adds another pretty HOT element to play-time! 🙂  Don’t worry, there’s no judgement here, I’m only reporting the numbers from my poll and giving my take on them as I see it!

Next in my list, with 11% of the vote, were Men’s Jockstraps.  I can see that one too.  It would give a little extra room for the cage, and is specifically DESIGNED to give men more support, especially for athletics and such.

Next are Women’s Briefs, Boy Shorts, and Bikinis, with 9%, 7%, and 7% of the vote, respectively.  I suppose those are probably all relatively similar to men’s briefs as far as support, just with a little bit different shape for all of them.  So those don’t really surprise me as much either.

At the bottom of the pack of types I had actually listed on my poll, are Men’s Boxers (6%) or just going commando (3%)!  Again, it didn’t suprise me too much that boxers were so low, as I’m not a big fan of wearing those with chastity either.  I was a little surprised that 6 people responded that they don’t wear underwear at all.  Interesting, but hey–if that’s what you like, more power to you! Lol

Finally, there were a total of 8 responses with things that I had not included outright on my poll:
Diapers – 4
Men’s Thong – 2
Pouch Briefs – 1
Panty Girdle – 1

I had definitely never really considered diapers before, and even asked someone who responded that way if they actually USE the diapers too or if they just like the way they feel! It seems some guys do like this kind of thing and will even pee in them, but do tend to avoid doing any #2 in the diapers..  I’m going to say that’s probably just a completely DIFFERENT fetish that goes far beyond chastity, but obviously some people must engage in both of them at the same time.  It’s not my thing, but there’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what you’re into!

Men’s Thongs I could really probably even lump up with the Women’s variety up at the top of the list.  I don’t really understand how those would be very comfortable, but hey–go for it!

To be honest I actually had to look up Pouch Briefs, to see what those are.  Looks like it’s a regular pair of briefs but literally has an extra little “pouch” in the front to provide more room for your guys (and a cage too, in this case).  I guess it would be almost like a jock strap, only it would still feel like regular underwear around the sides and butt.  I can definitely see how that could possibly be a really nice way to go!

And panty girdle… Ok, I suppose if you just want that extra compression, or more feminine figure or something–again that’s cool, go for it!

Ok, so that concludes the first big round of voting on this poll.  Please feel free to let me know what you think of the results or if you have any other insights as to why you think certain types of underwear are better than others while in chastity!

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