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The Nerve of My Key-holder

We’re coming down the home stretch! At most, it should only be about 10 more days before EmlaLock reaches the “max time” for my chastity session and releases the combination to the keys, effectively giving Angel full control once again of when I will actually be unlocked. But my feeling is that it will be a little bit earlier than that, so I’m expecting it to hit at some point this coming week! I have told Angel that as well, and she is definitely looking forward to having me out and being able to feel me inside of her again!

It was kind of humorous the other night as we were lying in bed: Angel was talking about how much she “missed” that part of me, and telling how she was VERY horny! I laughed and told her that she had some nerve, telling a guy who’s been locked up for the past 3 1/2 months that SHE is horny! Lol  Of course we then had to proceed with taking care of her “issue” with only with only the use of my fingers & tongue. As always, she managed to orgasm enough for the both of us, as if she’s the only one of us who can. Oh wait–she IS the only one of us who can! 🙂

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