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Happy Labor Day!

At least for my U.S. readers, I just wanted to say Happy Labor Day! It is always nice to have a long weekend off of work to relax and spend time with family & friends.  For many people, this holiday also marks sort of an “unofficial” end to summer, so I wanted to reflect a little bit on what has been a very fun, mostly chaste, summer for me!

I’d have to look back at the stats on my Current Status page and add up the days for exact numbers, but I know that I have been locked far more than not over this summer.  The best part is, I have gone about my life as normal, and done virtually everything I would normally be doing, and the fact that I am wearing a chastity device has had little to no impact on any of those activities! I have been swimming, boating, remodeling my house, working in the yard, working on cars, attending baseball games (even passing through metal detectors!), and the list goes on.  Being chaste has become such a part of my life lately, that I really feel I could do pretty much ANYTHING in chastity, and nobody ever has to know about it! Well, unless I’m ever going in to get an MRI or something… then let’s get that thing off of me! Lol

This summer has also brought about a rather noticeable change with Angel, as she has embraced the role of key-holder even more! I think in the beginning she used to feel a little bit bad about all of the orgasms that I would help her to achieve while I wasn’t having any at all, but she has pretty much gotten over that now! I think that she now believes what I had been telling her all along, that being able to help/watch her climax is just as rewarding for ME! I get to the point of being right on the edge of an orgasm for myself, and even if it gets frustrating on occasion not being able to push all the way over the top, the fact that I can get there over and over again within a very short period makes it feel as though I’m having multiples right along with her! I can’t think of any other way for the average man to be able to experience that feeling, and I know that I am extremely lucky to have a wonderful wife willing to explore this lifestyle with me!

Other notable changes with Angel over this summer are how she just loves to tease me incessantly throughout the week whenever I’m locked, and we have also started introducing quite a bit of anal activities into our play (from both sides). The back door was pretty much off-limits with her ever since we’ve been together, until not so long ago.  But now, she has been enjoying it as much as anything else in the bedroom! It just goes to show that pretty much anything is worth trying, at least once!

While I hate the fact that summer is nearing the end, and outdoor activities will be starting to slow down drastically, I am still very excited to see what other new things might come our way in the coming months. One thing I am fairly sure of as we head into fall, then the holiday season, is that my time in chastity will most likely be even more–not less!


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