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Back Home in the Keep

We arrived back home this past Sunday evening from a nice and (mostly) relaxing vacation.  As I previously wrote, Angel did decide that I should be unlocked for the duration of that trip.  It was nice, and we did manage to find a fair share of “alone time” as well! Of course, Angel had the most benefit from those times with numerous orgasms, but I’m sure I had no less than 4 of them myself over the past couple of weeks! By the end of the trip though, Angel was telling me that she WAS missing having me locked (she loves how horny she can keep me in that state), and was ESPECIALLY missing her “friend” (the Magic Wand)! We planned on playing with the wand some on Sunday night, and work on Angel’s endurance with it a little bit, but got home quite a bit later than expected and have been so busy ever since that it is still yet to happen.  Soon enough though! 🙂

As for me, I was rather missing being locked as well.  Looking back through the history on my Current Status page, I have not been out of chastity for that long since late January! Still, I did not go back into the Queen’s Keep immediately upon arriving home, or even the next day.  This morning though, I woke up before the alarm clock, very hard, and was fairly sure that if I didn’t get back into the cage right away I’d probably wind up taking other matters into my own hands too! Lol

I grabbed the device out of its drawer on the way to the bathroom.  It took a fair amount of time to get soft enough to squeeze just into the base ring, not to mention the cage itself!  Eventually though, I did manage to get everything on and locked securely in place.  When I came back to bed and curled up behind a still-sleeping Angel, it felt very good to be truly back “home;” back in the Keep! An hour later, after the alarm finally went off and I was up and ready for work, I came back into the bedroom to kiss Angel goodbye, then left the keys in a sealed envelope taped to the bathroom mirror with a simple note like she enjoys finding after I’ve locked myself up.. It read:

Here I am, just as you like me

With no way of knowing just how long it might be!

I do know that Angel has still been thinking about and considering my offer to remain locked until her birthday in late September.  However, I don’t know if she’s really quite ready to commit HERSELF to that long! But whatever she decides will be completely fine with me, and if she asks for my help in getting the keys locked into the lockbox again to be controlled by a web site, she knows I will do that as well.  That would take the temptation out of BOTH of our hands! 🙂


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