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First thing’s first- I want to point out that this is post number 100 for my blog! When I started this I never would have really thought I’d still be going strong at this point, so here’s another big THANK YOU to the 465 people who follow my writing, from about 106 different countries all around the world!

Now for the good stuff! 🙂

Angel and I are heading out of town for a family vacation for the next week and a half, so we are taking a little vacation from chastity as well. It’s not that I would be very worried about the traveling part, as we are just driving (no airport security to go through), and I have done plenty of that before while still locked. Probably my own biggest reason for taking a break from it is that we will be in Southern Florida doing a bit of SCUBA diving next week. It might not be an issue at all, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to find out what could happen when my body starts compressing to some degree at depth.. Has anybody out there ever had any experience with diving while chaste?  I think I’d be particularly worried if say, a ball got a little smaller and started trying to slip its way back through the base ring of the Queen’s Keep.. That could be quite painful and there’s nothing I’d be able to do about it inside a wet suit! Lol Like I said it could be completely a non-issue, but at least for this trip it’s better safe than sorry!

Plus, it will be nice just being out of the cage for a little while, so Angel and I can enjoy each other “normally” whenever the opportunity might present itself.  Of course, even though we’re on vacation those opportunities might still be few and far between being how we are traveling with not only children, but in-laws who are sort of like built-in babysitters when Angel and I are off doing things like diving! Needless to say, the condo where we’re staying could be a bit crowded to find very much alone time.

I did make Angel a little offer for when we return from the trip.  IF she wants to, I have told her that I would be ok with going back into the Keep, and securing the keys in the lockbox again with CarliLock until say.. Her Birthday! Her birthday is actually in late September, so that would be a very long time to be locked. It might even set a personal record if we ended up going that long, but at the very least it would be a good 2 months worth of build-up that I could give her for her birthday if she decides to go for it!

The only real issue with doing that with CarliLock, is that they only allow a max duration of up to 6 weeks at a time for “free” members.  I’m not even that opposed to paying a little bit for the service, but a premium membership would be about $100 for the year, and I think there may be some more economical options.  I was looking at some other similar sites, and have been leaning towards maybe trying either or If anybody has ever heard of or had any experience with either of those, please let me know what you think! is free for any basic functions such as a fixed lockup duration (no matter how long it is). You just have to purchase “credits” for some of the more advanced features/games, etc. looks like you have to purchase at least 1 credit for even a simple lock-up, but 1 credit would only be $9.99 so that’s not bad! If I end up doing something like that I will be sure to write about how these other sites compare to what I’ve tried with CarliLock before!

Anyhow, that’s it for now! There may or may not be time for any more posts here until after my vacation, so everybody have a good week! Oh yes, and thank you to the 135 people who have answered my reader’s poll so far. It seems that an overwhelming majority of you either already practice some form of chastity from time to time, or would be interested in trying it! If you have not yet responded to this poll, please do!

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