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Happy Mother’s Day!

For all of the Mom’s out there who might read my blog, I want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! In particular Angel (whether or not she ever reads it on here, I have already told her this anyway). Angel is first and foremost a fantastic mother for our children. Obviously any “motherly needs” that arise will always take precedence in our house but she STILL manages to keep her husband (that would be ME!) taken care of as well! She always knows just the right way to keep that spark alive in our relationship, and I do love how she has taken over more and more control of when I am allowed out of chastity to have an orgasm.

Last night as we were going to bed Angel let me know that she wouldn’t be opposed at all to an “early” Mother’s Day gift.  As she fondled my cage though, it was also clear that THIS present was going to stay “wrapped” for the time being! I did not mind one bit though, and did proceed to treat Angel to many body-shaking orgasms with my fingers and her magic wand. It is such an amazing sight to watch, how just the slightest little flick of a well-placed finger can cause her entire body to react with pleasure!

I am such a lucky man to have such a wonderful woman in my life to help take care of ALL of our family’s needs and only hope that I do manage to tell Angel that often enough!

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