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Chastity Counter Reset

The counter on my Current Status page has reset again, starting the latest session this past Sunday. Saturday night Angel came to bed EXTREMELY horny and I was more than happy to help her out with that! We engaged in a lot of our “normal” activities with the magic wand, etc. After several very powerful orgasms for herself she began pushing my head down there, saying I needed to get a good taste of what I had just been giving her! Have I mentioned before that I LOVE it when she gets into that more “aggressive” mode and really tells me exactly what she wants? 🙂

After yet another strong orgasm with my tongue, Angel declared that she HAD to have me out, and inside her! I checked to be sure that she was sure, and she absolutely was. What Angel wants, Angel gets! So we unlocked the Queen’s Keep and took the cage off. She did say I was to go right back into it afterwards, so at first I didn’t even bother trying to squeeze myself back through the base ring to get that off. Instead, I simply rotated it so that the locking post was at the bottom, and therefore would not hurt Angel.

After BOTH of us managing to orgasm via more traditional sex, we cleaned up and I went to go put the cage back on again. I may not have even “reset” the chastity counter at that point, because the time out of it was so minimal. However, at that point Angel remembered that the next day we had tickets to take our 3-year old to see some sort of live rendition of one of his favorite little TV shows (Chuggington). It was showing at a fairly small venue near our house. Not nearly as big of a place as say, a baseball stadium, but Angel was still worried that it might be possible that they could have metal detectors at those gates as well. She suggested that I go ahead and keep it off until after we got home from the show, just in case.

As it turned out, they did NOT have metal detectors there, so we would have been ok anyway. But, I did end up being unlocked for the better part of one full day, so I am starting this out as a new session now. The last session was relatively short (12 days) but seemed to be very eventful!

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