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Unlocked For Game

I was unlocked for just a few hours last night (day 9 of this session), for another game. No, I don’t mean some steamy sex game or anything; we had tickets to another baseball game again! So before heading downtown, Angel handed me the key and reminded me that I had better take off my cage to make sure not to set off any metal detectors at the stadium. In some ways I would almost like to see exactly what would happen if I DID walk through wearing the Queen’s Keep and set off their alarm… But at the same time we were already running late getting down there last night after getting our babysitter all situated and everything, so I didn’t really want to push it this time around.

It was a little bit strange in some ways when removing the cage.  This might have been the first time that I just unlocked it and went about my normal business! Normally, Angel and I tend to be in bed and she has probably already had a few orgasms before we even begin to THINK about unlocking me! Then when I’m free I pretty much spring right into action and it might just be a matter of time before I am having an orgasm myself. This time was no fan-fare at all, not that I really expected any! 🙂 I don’t think I was really even hard, as that just wasn’t my frame of mind at the time!

We went and enjoyed a good game, and upon returning I put the cage right back on.  I put it on while Angel was in the shower, so she didn’t even know I had done that.  As we were settling down for the night, she reached over and kind of patted me, joking that I should “Be good!” At that point, she did feel the steel, and was surprised that I already had it back on! I hadn’t quite decided yet how I was going to go about giving her the keys back, but that made it much easier.  I just picked them up off of the nightstand, handed them to her, and let her know that they were all hers again as it should be!  That seemed to make her very happy, and we both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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