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Good Reason to be Unlocked

Whew! We almost had a potentially awkward situation come up yesterday!  I am currently still unlocked, and yesterday I think it’s a good thing I was!  We had some tickets to the baseball game last night, and it seems that many (if not all) of MLB stadiums have been beefing up security this year and have installed metal detectors for all fans to pass through! They have always had someone standing at each gate with a wand and would randomly pick people out to check, but I had not actually heard that they were now checking EVERYBODY! 🙂

It probably wouldn’t be a very big deal even if I did set off the alarm, but I am not sure how I would go about explaining the fact that I have a metal cage locked on with no way of removing it! It turns out, that Angel HAD heard about the addition of metal detectors at the gates, but had not even thought about the possibility that the Queen’s Keep might set it off. We hadn’t really talked much about chastity all week while I’ve been out, and part way through the game she suddenly thought of it and leaned over to ask me if I was still unlocked.  I said I was, and that it was probably a good thing for that night! After I explained why, it did hit her that yes that might be a little bit awkward to explain to the people at the gates!  We generally go to a handful of games every year, so she said that’s something we’ll have to start thinking about ahead of time, to make sure I am let out at least long enough to go to the game and get back home…  It may be slightly more difficult to stay locked for longer periods during the Summer months as compared to over the Winter!

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