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Locked in the Keep – Week 7

It’s been such a busy week since Angel returned from her trip, that I am a little late getting my weekly update written.. Week 7 was very interesting though, with lots to talk about!

To recap a couple of my previous posts, the beginning of the week is when I was home alone for a few days, and found myself missing Angel very much; even more than I USUALLY miss her when we’re apart! I missed her to the extent that I even went so far as to wear some of her sexy lingerie to bed a few nights, just to feel a little bit closer to her. That actually DID help quite a bit! Though a little nervous about what she might think of it, I even told Angel that I had been wearing her clothes, and sent a pic so she could see for herself.

By the last night that she was away, we were delving into even more new things and “sexting” some slightly “naughty” pics and texts back and forth to each other. Being locked up for so long and therefore having NO way to relieve myself, she had me pretty much bouncing off the walls even from a couple hundred miles away! 🙂

But then Angel came home, and I quickly found that she was every bit as horny as I was!  It didn’t take very long before we were all over each other, like a couple of teenagers newly in love!  Then came another somewhat of a shocker: Not only was Angel OK with me having worn her lingerie while she was gone, but she wanted to SEE it in person!  We talked about it for a few minutes, and I told her that if she put some on herself, I would go put “mine” on too. She could get her fashion show at least, and as long as she wasn’t just laughing her ass off at me, we could then have a little fun with BOTH of us being dressed up a bit! So off I went to put on more women’s lingerie (complete with a pair of her fishnets, I must add! Lol) I came back in the bedroom to show it off, and Angel wasn’t laughing at all. She was actually quite turned on by it! 🙂

She had LOTS of fun that night rubbing her hands all up and down my silk/lace covered body while riding her magic wand between my legs to more orgasms than either of us could count!  Of course it was an even greater tease for ME, still being unable to get out of my cage, but in the end I am very glad that I not only tried this but also told Angel about it! She taking even more control and asking that I put that outfit on for her is yet another VERY HOT experience that I am very happy to be able to experience with her! And it wasn’t even just a one-time thing… We’ve already done similar things at least a couple more nights since that first time! I look forward to seeing how much further any of this can go with Angel!

I have to say I’ve always been a little leery about posting real pics of myself online. I don’t actually have ANY on here to date, and just use a little avatar of a faceless guy with a padlocked heart to represent my “online self.” But what the heck, this pic doesn’t really show anything that could ever identify me if there was any chance of somebody I know in real life being on here and reading this! Plus I do kind of want to “memorialize” some of these very hot moments with Angel, so this is what I look like dressed up in HER outfit! I had tried a couple others before settling on this for myself.  It seems that most of her lingerie kind of requires this thing called BOOBS, which I DON’T have! Lol This one is a little more stretchy and form-fitting though, so it actually works pretty well for me if I can say so myself! 🙂

Ok there, so that’s out there now!  PLEASE, just don’t ever let me find this out anywhere else on the ‘net! 🙂

Anyway, to wrap this up–the rest of week 7 continued on with us getting rather hot & heavy with each other like that pretty much every night! Angel has said several times lately that she really enjoys having this sort of “power” over me, and loves seeing how horny I get (and stay) when locked up! I believe in a lot of ways keeping me locked has been making HER more horny as well, and she has not denied that point when I told her that!

As I mentioned in my last post, it seems that I may have a “scheduled” release date coming up next weekend, so I may not get all the way to 8 full weeks in the Keep this time around. But I am already on my second-longest lockup duration to date, and still loving every minute of it! A little frustrating at times, yes, but overall chastity has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience for me!

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