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Locked in the Keep – Week 5

I’ve already written about the biggest changes that came out of week 5 of this round of chastity. To recap, Angel decided that we should lock up the KEYS, in our little lock-box, and let CarliLock be the only keeper of that combination for a little while. That effectively “forces” me to remain locked up for at least 2 more weeks, as NEITHER Angel or I have access to the keys right now to let me out!

The remainder of the weekend since we did that, has been both very exciting and frustrating at the same time. It is still very fun and fulfilling to help Angel orgasm, which of course she did let me do quite a lot! It was an added bonus to be able to tease HER somewhat as well, about how much she must want to have me filling her up, but just can’t… I know it’s not nearly as effective of a tease for her, being how she still has plenty of “options” of how to get off, but it was still fun none-the-less! Lol When I turned it around and let Angel know how much I wanted to be inside of HER, she replied with a simple “OK,” and proceeded to push my head down between her legs again, making it clear that she was quite content with my tongue & fingers being the only things to make their way inside! Very hot indeed!

We are through the first weekend of fully enforced chasyity though, and likely the hardest. I say that because weekdays always tend to get a little easier since we will both be going back to work and sex/chastity gets pushed at least slightly back in the mind. Next weekend shouldn’t be too bad either, because Angel and the boys will actually be going out of town for a few days to visit some family. I will be staying back alone, because 1) I don’t have as much available time off of work as Angel does, and 2) I’m starting a remodeling project on part of our house, and it is MUCH easier to get some real work done when the family is away!

They being gone, is actually another reason that Angel even gave for going ahead with the CarliLock option when she did… She said she wanted to make SURE that there was no way for me to cheat, and try to unlock myself while she was away! Of course it would have been the same effect if she just packed up the keys and took them with her, but there’s certainly not going to be any argument from me. Angel is clearly thinking about this a LOT more than she ever did in the beginning, and taking a lot of initiative with deciding how long and on what terms I will stay locked up. So far, I don’t see any down side to that! I know I have said this several times before, but I feel like it’s been a while… I am a VERY lucky man! 🙂

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