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Mature Metal Measuring: Take Two

A couple months ago I had a whole post about Measuring and Ordering from Mature Metal. I got the measuring rings and spent quite a bit of time trying to make sure my measurements were just right. They were pretty darn good, but I wanted to revisit this just a little bit to see what kind of changes I might make if I were ever to order again. I thought I had done a pretty good job of doing these measurements while at my “smallest,” but of course it is reasonable to expect that just the simple thoughts of DOING this type of measuring is probably enough to increase the bloodflow down there for most guys! 🙂

First, the base ring: 1 3/4″ was a good choice, I think. That is the same size that worked the best for me with the CB-6000s. The steel ring is of course quite a bit thinner than the plastic one was so it does sit differently, but I’ve had no issues with this size. There are times it seems just a tiny bit big but I don’t think there’s any chance at all of it falling off or anything at this point. When I ordered the device I actually did go ahead and get a “spare” ring at the same time, just in case. The second one was the next size down, 1 5/8″. So if I’m ever worried enough about losing it I can always give that one a shot. I have also been very pleased with the oval design of the ring as opposed to being perfectly round. It has been quite comfortable so far!

Next comes measuring the length and inside diameter of the cage. I had measured my “smallest” at about 2″, so subtracted another 1/4″ from that and ordered the device 1 3/4″ long. For the diameter, I ordered 1 3/8″ to match what had worked pretty well with the CB-6000s. When the Queen’s Keep arrived, it looked SO small, compared to the plastic device that I was used to! (As seen on a previous post: Queen’s Keep: First Impressions)

It seemed to be perfect at first, but after weeks of wearing a device it’s easier to see how much excess room is still in there when TRULY at my smallest! When it comes to the length, I do think it would have been good to have gone down at least one more 1/4″ notch, and gotten it at 1 1/2″. In fact, I think the smallest that Mature Metal even OFFERS for this length is 1 1/4″. That would be a full 3/4″ shorter than what I had determined was my “smallest” measurement, but when all is said and done that would probably have worked just fine too!

I can also see quite a bit of space “around” the penis when at my smallest. I know in the beginning I had contemplated going down to 1 1/4″ for the diameter but chickened out. Now, I do think that would have been OK as well. The diameter really doesn’t seem to make as big of a difference in my experience though. When I start to get hard it will just fill up whatever space is available, but I’ve never been too worried about having “too much” space in that regard. The length is really more important, and shorter is definitely better! Don’t get me wrong, even the length that I have now is MUCH better than the longer (2 1/2″) CB-6000s that I used to wear. With that one, I could still get almost half-way to fully erect. This may not sound like such a bad thing, but what would happen is that it would end up pulling the cage out away from my body and put a lot of extra pressure on the balls.. After times that Angel would be teasing me very much, I’d generally have to do quite a bit of adjusting down there to get things more comfortable. With this one, even if it might possibly still be 1/2″ too long, there’s not really any chance of even STARTING to get that hard, so I have not experienced the pressure on the balls at all!

The last measurement, which it looks like I didn’t even mention in my original post, is the gap between the ring and cage. The default is a 3/8″ gap, but you can order it as 1/4″ or 1/2″ as well. With the CB-6000s I always tended to go with the smallest spacers available, so I stuck with that mindset here and ordered a 1/4″ gap. I haven’t really had a problem with it, though it has crossed my mind that some of the rubbing/chafing that I’ve seen right at the bottom of the cage might possibly have been avoided if the gap size was a little bit larger. That’s hard to say for sure, of course, but if I were to order again I think it’s possible I might stick with the default 3/8″ for the gap.

So the bottom line is that I believe I could have ordered the Queen’s Keep as 1 1/4″ for both the length and diameter. As small as I thought this already looked at first, I can only imagine how TINY it would have seemed with those dimensions! It would also probably take a little longer to get on, since I’d truly have to be COMPLETELY soft to get in there… I think if I were so inclined I could probably send the device back to Mature Metal and ask them to make some changes. I can’t remember exactly what all they can even do… maybe they can adjust the length but not the diameter? Something like that. It hardly seems worth it at this point though. The Queen’s Keep is still by far the most comfortable chastity device I have ever tried, and it works VERY well!

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