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Queen’s Keep: Return From Its Maker

It’s back!  My Queen’s Keep arrived back today, and looks to be better than ever!  The first thing I see is that the padlock I sent does in fact now lay flat against the cage.  So if I still don’t like (or trust) the security screw, at least now this may be another option that I can try out some more. I like how the lock really doesn’t move around at all when it’s in place! Much better than the CB-6000s, where the lock would bounce up and down against the cage. In reality I’m probably the only one who ever actually noticed the sound it made, but I was always a bit self-conscious about it!

As for the new security screws and keys, they don’t look any different than the ones I had before, but I wouldn’t really expect them to. HOPEFULLY, these just won’t strip out like the last ones.  I do really like the cool T-handle that they put on one of the keys for me; that does seem to make it a lot easier to hold it still enough to get the screw started!

So I’ll be back to testing this again for at least a few days. Rest assured, I will be tightening and removing that security screw countless times before I try putting it back on my body that way again!

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