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Almost Go-Time!

It’s been basically two weeks since my new Queen’s Keep arrived, and I have been unlocked from Chastity for almost that same amount of time. I have been testing out the new device pretty extensively and generally everything has been going quite well with it!  I am thinking it’s just about time to go ahead and give Angel the keys, and therefore once again full control of my orgasms! If I was just getting started with chastity, it may have taken a lot more than two weeks to get to this point. But since I’m already used to it and pretty much know what works and what doesn’t work, this feels like plenty of time!

I’m still working out the details in my head of how I want to go about this. Next week, we are going to be traveling with the family for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday. Right now I’m leaning towards getting Angel the keys shortly before we go, and letting her decide whether or not to even bring them with us on the trip! It’s not like we’ll be able to do much “sexually” anyway, as there will be at least one kid in the same room as us the whole time. Chastity could be a fun little game to have between us over the holidays; a game the rest of the family will have no clue is going on! 🙂

I am, of course, a little nervous about how Angel will react to the new device. It took a little while for her to get used to seeing me in a clear plastic cage, so is a solid metal one going to set that back? Or will she like it even more? I know I shouldn’t be too worried. Angel has always been very open-minded and supportive of my little “quirks!” I just can’t help getting a little apprehensive before introducing something new like that. I’m sure it will all work out though.

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