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Queens Keep: The First 48 Hours

I’ve just finished up my longest test so far of the Queen’s Keep: about 48 hours worth.  The good news is that I’m seeing no ill-effects so far, like bad rubbing or chafing anywhere!  I had the CB-6000s sized as well as was possible for me, but this custom device really does blow it away in terms of being comfortable. (At least as “comfortable” as one can expect from having their junk locked up in a metal cage! Lol)

Other observations at this point:

  1. I’ve slept in the device twice now, with no issues whatsoever. I woke up quite a bit the first night, but the second night I guess I was already so used to it I slept like a baby the whole time and didn’t even really notice it was there!
  2. At least on my bed, I can roll over onto my stomach with no issues. I can feel the device underneath me at that point but it’s not painful in the least, and I don’t feel like there’s some cheap plastic thing that could break under my weight! I have not tried the same thing yet on a hard surface like the floor…
  3. Peeing is a little more of an issue than I initially reported. When everything is lined up straight, using a urinal is certainly possible. But I have also had cases where things “retract” just a bit further into the cage and get behind one of the bars, which does make it spray quite a bit! Better to still plan on sitting everywhere, just in case!
  4. Expanding on the last point, having the cage more “open” makes cleaning up after using the bathroom MUCH easier! I shouldn’t have to carry around Q-tips in my back pocket anymore! 🙂
  5. Along the same lines of cleaning it: getting clean in the shower is also much easier! I can get plenty of soap and water inside and feel like things are plenty clean with just the corner of a washcloth. No need for special small foam brushes anymore!
  6. With the more open design of this device as compared to the CB-6000s, it IS possible to stick a finger through the bars and touch myself somewhat (I have skinny fingers, so that helps too). But I’m convinced it would NOT be possible to provide even close to enough stimulation to have an orgasm this way. So the chaste will remain chaste until the key-holder decides otherwise!
  7. I’m still not a huge fan of how the security “key” fits in the screw. Trying to get it in and turn it to release myself the last time, it almost felt like I was stripping out the inside of the screw-head, which would be VERY bad! I eventually got it though, and everything does look ok. Just kind of a pain. Hopefully I’ll eventually learn the trick to that!
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