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Please Note:

In order to have a slightly more organized forum for discussions like this, we are going to be moving this to a FetLife group by the same name as my blog:

Thrill of the Chaste

I am still working out the particulars, but do know that you will need to have a FetLife login in order to participate… If you already have one feel free to look me up, and if not I strongly encourage you to do so! But you can ALWAYS still leave comments on any post of my blog as well, without having to ever log in to Fet.

Thank you,

This page is reserved for any general chastity related questions, discussions, or comments that may not necessarily fit on specific blog posts.

Please keep in mind that this IS a moderated forum.  All comments are welcome, even if you are disagreeing with something I have said, and will be allowed un-edited on my pages as long as they adhere to these simple ground-rules:

  1. Be polite
  2. Be non-offensive
  3. Be non-judgmental
  4. Be aware that any posts not adhering to items 1-3 will be removed/blocked at MY discretion only
  5. Be aware that anything posted on these pages becomes fair game to possibly be quoted elsewhere in the blog, again at my discretion

I’m not asking for much, right? 🙂

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