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Permanent Ink – part 4: The Anticipation

To provide an update and keep this group of posts going, I DO have a date set for getting my tattoo! Just a little over a week away, on Feb 22, 2022.

I am soo excited to have this done, and be able to see it every single day for the rest of my life! Admittedly, I am also a little bit nervous about how painful it might be. But I do believe that I will be able to work through that somehow, and the end result will be well worth it!

Angel has asked me too, that while she DOES love the thought of me having this tattoo, am I SURE I’m ready to go through with it?? And I ABSOLUTELY am! It has been about 5 years or so since I created the original design for this and sent it off to be printed as a stack of temporary tattoos. At that time it was more or less a game, to tell Angel that I was giving her full control over me and she could use me (and my body) any way she wished. I believe it was even on a little vacation that we managed to get away on with just the two of us, that I introduced her to the tattoo. She liked it then too, but we both knew it was just a temporary thing and would wash off within a few days.

I think that started kind of a back and forth chain reaction for me though.. Seeing the tattoo on my body always generates such nice, warm feelings inside knowing that I truly do “belong” to Angel. She is my life. Her happiness brings me even greater happiness! When she’s down, I work even harder to bring some semblance of happiness back into her life.

But then alas, inevitably the temporary tattoo will begin to fade. The first to go are usually the words “Property of Angel.” The letters start to blur together as the entire tattoo starts falling apart, leaving bits of black, sticky residue in my underwear. I’ll usually just deal with it for as long as possible, until the whole thing is just a giant blob of nothingness and I have to scrub the rest of it off of my body in the shower. I know the basic dynamic of my relationship with Angel is still the same, but seeing the tattoo come off like that is still always a bit of a downer for me.

Part of me often wants to just go grab another temporary tattoo off of the stack and reapply it right away, but that’s really not particularly feasible. It’s not like I bought THAT many at a time where I can go through 1-2 of them every week! I COULD buy that many I suppose.. It wouldn’t really be overly expensive to purchase like a year’s supply a time. But honestly I don’t know if I could handle the emotional rollercoaster ups and downs of having a new tat and having to wash it off again that frequently. It’s kind of not really worth it!

After I made my appointment with Amanda to have the REAL tattoo drawn, I applied the temporary one to my body again – probably for the last time. It has probably been a few months now since I’ve worn it, but it definitely still evokes the same great feelings as always! This time when it came time to wash it off, I was still a little bit sad. But not nearly as bad as before! Now I know it’s NOT the end! Soon I will be looking at a slightly modified version of this tattoo, FOREVER! And that is such an exciting prospect for me!

I think from the time I brought it up as a very serious topic to Angel, to ask for her approval of me checking into and now going through with getting this tattoo, she might feel as though I’m rushing into it a bit. But it is definitely not rushed! This is at least 5 years in the making, and I AM READY! Let’s do this!!


BY the way, if you have any good tattoo stories to share or opinions on whether or not I should share about my chastity experience with my artist, I would appreciate the comments on my last post:

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Thank you!


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