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Permanent Ink – part 3: Survey Says?

This part will be much shorter than my last two posts! I would just like to get some feedback if possible from any of my tattooed readers out there. Please leave comments below for any or all of the questions below!

1) How many tattoos have you gotten (and if you don’t mind sharing, Where?)

2) If you have gotten multiple tattoos, what body parts have been the most painful?
(bonus points if you say you’ve gotten a pubic tattoo and can tell me more about that experience!)

3) Would you consider any of your tattoo art to be… “Kinky” in nature (chastity or otherwise)?
3a) If YES, are your kinky tattoo(s) visible to the public or mostly kept hidden?
3b) Also if YES, have you ever had a doctor/nurse, or other “professional” notice and ask about them?

Those are all of my general run-of-the-mill questions. This last one is to get opinions directly related to MY situation. I will consider any comment made here, but ultimately the decision will be up to Angel.

I am kind of torn about whether or not to open up to Amanda (my tattoo artist) about the full meaning behind what she will be drawing on me. In other words, tell her that I am caged, and could possibly be caged when I come in for the tattoo. I assume that everything from that point downwards will be draped, but working in that vicinity it’s still entirely possible that I could be somewhat exposed to her from time to time and she would see the cage. So I wouldn’t do that without at least giving her some warning first.

The other option would be to just keep quiet about the whole thing and have Angel unlock me before the appointment so there would be no chance of a cage being seen. That would be OK too, but then I kind of worry about what if I were to become erect? I have a feeling that once the pain of the actual tattoo begins, that probably won’t be an issue. But what about while she’s just sketching the design onto my skin? If I get hard, it will easily rise up into my pubic region, exposing myself far more than if I was in a cage.  Would that be more or less awkward than having a professional, adult conversation and telling her I’m caged??

So I have no idea what to do here! A big part of me wants to just go ahead and explain it to Amanda, and ask HER if she thinks the cage would be in the way of her work, or if she would be uncomfortable in any way with me wearing it. I would go with whichever direction she decided without complaint, but at least all of my cards would be on the table at that point.

4) What do YOU think? Should I even bring up the topic, or simply forget about it and show up to my tattoo appointment “uncaged?”

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