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Conditional Release from Chastity

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Hope you all are enjoying this day with your loved ones, or if single, just go do something fun for yourself today! There’s no shame in that. 🙂

I want to give a little update on my status. As of yesterday I have officially hit 500 days of continuous chastity, beginning at the beginning of ‘LOcktober 2018!’ Above is the screenshot of my current EmlaLock session holding the combination to the lockbox with my keys secured inside. Clearly, the allotted time for this EmlaLock session is long past and all I would have to do to get my keys back is hit that “End Session” button. But at this point I dare not do that without Angel’s blessing and most likely in her presence!

Angel has been greatly enjoying keeping me locked for this long and allowing me to give her orgasm after orgasm while mine remains off-limits. However there have also been a number of times lately when she has been really wishing to feel me inside of her again, and has been very close to letting me out for that purpose. That is well within her right as my key-holder, of course!

Back towards the end of 2019, Angel was thinking very seriously of only keeping me locked through the Christmas season, then letting me out for our own private fireworks at New Year’s. Clearly… that didn’t happen.

So what changed her mind on this? Well, just a couple days before the new year came around, we were lying in bed and Angel told me that she had “been thinking….” Thinking that if she unlocks me for sex, obviously there’s always the chance of (another) baby.

[As far as I know Angel has remained on her own birth control the whole time I’ve been in chastity, but we’ve never taken any sort of permanent measures along those lines.]

Angel told me that MAYBE she was starting to come around to the idea of me having a vasectomy. And MAYBE we should think about holding off even longer on letting me out of my Jail Bird, until that happens. To be honest I’ve been ready to have this taken care of ever since we had our second child, over 5 years ago. But I think in the back of her mind, Angel has always been holding out a tiny bit of hope to maybe try one more time for a girl. So I know for her to come to this mindset that maybe our family really is good and complete with two boys, is huge and very hard for her!

From the other side, I had been thinking along the exact same lines as Angel but had been very hesitant to bring it up to her. When she had been hinting at letting me out for the New Year, I admit that I was a little bit nervous about that simply because of the chance of pregnancy (however small a chance it may be). Never mind the fact that my dick had been locked away for 15 months at that point, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to “perform” with that thought in the back of my mind! So I also, was kind of thinking that it might be better to remain locked until such a time as we could have that completely taken care of.

Not really knowing how to bring this up, I had actually taken an extra step to try to kind of “force” the conversation. We have a little storage unit a couple miles away from the house where we keep several old boxes of things to free up some extra space in the basement. So one day back in December, I came up with the idea to take the lockbox containing my keys to the storage unit so that they wouldn’t even be in the house at all. The idea being that if/when she did try to unlock me for New Year’s, I would have to tell her that it wouldn’t be possible unless we first LEAVE the house to go get the keys! And that of course would lead to WHY I had put the keys in our storage unit, and ultimately we would have to have the real conversation of permanent birth control.

So you can imagine how overjoyed I was when Angel brought the topic up first! Not trying to sound too eager to get snipped, I did spill the whole story of how I’d taken the keys out of the house for the sake of having that very conversation. Let me just say, Angel came SOO hard that night knowing that control was (temporarily) out of her hands and she couldn’t have unlocked me even if she wanted to!

Angel agreed at the time that I should at least look into the procedure (which she knew I’d already spoken to my primary doctor about a couple times already). Over the next few days I provided all of the information about which Urologist I’d already been recommended to, how much it will cost (enough, but far less than raising another human! Lol) and all of the possible risks & side effects of the procedure. Angel understands everything I’ve given her but has wanted me to hold off a little longer before making the appointment while she still thinks about it.

And so she’s still thinking about it…

On one hand Angel and I are on the same page about not having another baby, but she does still find it difficult to give me the full green light to make it completely permanent. And I get it… mostly. She does know my firm position on the subject and I’ve told her I’ll leave the rest completely up to her. I’m not going to go have the surgery done without her full knowledge and blessing! The only thing I did ask is that if we’re going to do it this year I would much prefer to do it over the winter months before we get much more active outside and the recovery could be a much bigger inconvenience. And not to give her a big ultimatum or anything, but I mentioned that if for some reason we don’t manage to get it done at least by early Spring, that maybe we should just think about still keeping me locked through yet another LOcktober! If that happens, I’ll be hitting a solid TWO years of continuous chastity!

So that’s where I sit today, just waiting for the final judgement call from Angel. In the meantime, this Valentine’s day Angel will continue to have enough orgasms for the both of us, any way she wants them! And God knows that just being in the vicinity of one of Angel’s orgasms, and feeling it vicariously THROUGH her, is far better than any “real” orgasm that I could ever have for myself!

We shall see where things go from here!

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