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Mainstream Chastity?

Roll out the red carpets, folks! I’ve seen this one making the rounds on various chastity forums recently so thought it was worth mentioning here as well for anyone who may not have seen it yet. reported back in September of a “diamond encrusted” chastity cage created by designer Alan Crocetti, which debuted at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. The full article can be found here:

So that does beg the question, is chastity close to going mainstream? Is it there yet? For the last question, personally I do not believe it to be there yet. For the first question–who knows! It’s not a concept really ever shown in pop culture much, except maybe an occasional reference in the form of making fun of someone who is chaste. The idea of NOT having sex is still fairly taboo in most circles, even though as I (and I’m sure most of my readers) know, in many ways it can actually lead to even MORE sex! Arguably sometimes even more “intimacy,” it just comes in different forms than traditional intercourse.

But back to the topic at hand, kudos to Mr. Crocetti for at least getting chastity into a public forum on the world stage! I do wonder how many folks at this fashion show might have seen a chastity cage for the first time? Personally I can’t imagine ever actually WEARING the device he created (ouch!) but anybody who sees that and is curious in the least can always do some searching to learn what other types of devices are out there and while they’re at it they can see what a wonderfully fulfilling lifestyle chastity can be–far beyond the confines of the bedroom!

Hopefully, even my little corner of the internet here can help spread the word when people are searching for real life experiences and emotions about being locked long term. On the surface, this lifestyle does go against every sexual urge that most of us have been brought up to accept as “normal,” but at the end of the day it is SO worth it and I wouldn’t go back and change a single thing (besides maybe introduce Angel to the idea and give her my keys even sooner!)

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