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One Year of Chastity!!

I’ve done it!  This past weekend (well, officially maybe more like Tuesday 10/15) I hit ONE FULL YEAR of continuous, 24×7 chastity!

To date I have been locked basically full time since October 1, 2018, but as I’ve written previously I was let out twice for maybe 20 minutes at a time for our 10 year anniversary weekend in mid-October of last year.  But since then, I have been locked in my Jail Bird absolutely non-stop.  That means ZERO releases.  Not for sex, not for cleaning/shaving, not for doctor visits, or even air travel!!  Over the past year, I think I have pretty much proven that there is essentially nothing that I ever do in my day to day life, that can’t be done while locked in a chastity device!

For many chastity enthusiasts, short of completely welding the lock shut and considering themselves to be in “permanent chastity,” one year is like an ultimate goal or test of endurance.  And it is a fantastic, very rewarding milestone to have hit!  It was no easy feat to get here, that’s for sure.  Angel has had to find some strong willpower from deep within herself to not let me out for sex from time to time.  And not that I have much to say about it when SHE has control of the keys, but I have definitely been experiencing the great Chastity Paradox of wanting to be out VERY badly for a full-blown, “real” orgasm, yet at the exact same time I never want this feeling [of being locked, on the edge, under Angel’s control] to ever end! I don’t even know any words to describe it any better than that.  It can definitely mess with your head a bit!

Chastity has changed me.  It has changed BOTH of us, but in a good way!  Frankly, I can honestly say that don’t even particularly care when (if) I ever have a real orgasm again!  As long as I am with Angel and able to help HER have her fill of them, I’m as happy as can be with our sex life!  And Angel, well..  She’s had to get past a few feelings of “guilt” and “selfishness” for making it “all about her.”  But the more we talk, and the longer we live this lifestyle, she has been able to realize that it’s not selfish at all because it does as much (or maybe even more??) for ME too.  That is compared to when I could be inside her for maybe a couple minutes at a time, but after one orgasm I’m pretty much done for the night!  This way I get to stay right on the edge the whole time and practically feel all of HER orgasms as well, vicariously THROUGH her!  I’ve said this before and I don’t mind repeating myself, that if more men in this world actually had any clue what that could feel like, they would be lining up and clamoring to be locked in a chastity cage!

So what’s next?  Where do we go from here after hitting a full year?  Well, I haven’t even been let out YET!  Angel has decreed that I should be locked for all of 2019, and “maybe” be able to ring in the 2020 new year with a very pent-up, explosive orgasm!  So we’ll see what happens when we get there!

Oh, and just how did we celebrate this one year milestone?  Well…  I have very fond memories as I’m writing this of kneeling naked on the floor next to the bed, blindfolded and hands cuffed behind my back.  Angel laying down off the edge of the bed, with her legs wrapped around my head letting me lick her to yet another wonderful orgasm for both of us!

Here’s to 12 months down and (at least) 2-3 more to go.  I am SUCH a lucky man!!  🙂

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